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3 Degree Options That Will Help You Build Your Business


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Guest: Tina M.


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Sep 12, 2022

Going back to school is a fantastic opportunity to learn a new discipline or study something you’re passionate about. If you’re a small business owner, though, it’s also an opportunity to gain skills that will help you grow your enterprise.

Finding the right degree program can be overwhelming, though, if you’re not sure exactly what you want to study. Consider the following three degrees that may strengthen your business savvy.

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- Bachelor’s Degree in English

- Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy

- Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

- Start a Professional Development Course

- Conclusion

Bachelor’s Degree in English

Bachelor’s Degree in English school illustration infographic on branding expert article

When you think about a degree in English, you might think about Shakespeare or writing classes. Indeed, these elements may be part of English education, but you’d be surprised by how relevant this discipline is to business management.

Indeed, one of the most important principles of entrepreneurship is communication, and an English degree can help you develop sharp written and spoken communication skills.

As part of your English degree, you could write a detailed business plan that outlines your goals for the future. This plan should include a description of your business and the services it offers, as well as information about funding, marketing, and financial projections.

A well-worded business plan can boost your business’s success and give you a chance to apply your writing skills.

Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy

Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy orange illustration infographic on branding expert

Philosophy majors are often subjected to jokes about how useless their degrees are, but according to research, they enjoy the highest starting salary of all the humanities disciplines. It’s no surprise, then, that this degree is also useful for business owners.

A philosophy degree will teach you how to think critically about big ideas, which is an essential skill for any entrepreneur.

If you choose to pursue this degree, balancing your education and your business can be challenging. Creating a daily schedule can help you stay on top of all school and business-related tasks.

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology illustration infographic on branding expert

Psychology is yet another excellent discipline for business owners who want to pursue education. A degree in this field will grant you a basic understanding of the human brain and psyche, which can help you better understand the psychology of marketing. This is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs who want to understand their customers.

If you’re struggling to find a degree program that’s affordable, though, you should adjust your search to include online schools.

If you look for affordable education programs, you will likely see that many of the schools with the lowest tuition offer online degrees.

Start a Professional Development Course

Start a Professional Development Course illustration

Degree programs are a great way to pursue education, but they certainly aren’t the only option. Enrolling in a professional development class is another option that can be just as beneficial. If you want to hone your project management skills, for example, you can take a web-based scrum master course that's part of a certification program.

At the end of the class, you can even pass an assessment to put your new skills to the test.


Education is a wonderful way to enrich your life while also developing your business skills. Nontraditional degrees such as English, philosophy, and psychology can even be an asset to your business.

Whether you choose to pursue an online degree program or a professional development course, you can find an opportunity that aligns with your entrepreneurial aspirations.