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6 Ways you Can Use Instagram & Linkedin Carousel Posts


Written by

Kristian F.


Published on

Apr 6, 2021

Many studies show that Instagram & LinkedIn Carousel Posts are the most engaging post types in 2020, and continue to perform in 2021.

What makes it so good?

1. It Beats The Algorithm: Instagram Algorithm (Alongside most other Social Media Algorithms) wants you to Stay on the platform as much as possible.

There are a few methods Instagram's Algorithm tries to do this, but the main one we all know is "Giving relevant and long to consume content" to make sure you are engaged and as much as possible.

Carousel Posts Excelerate at this task, as they take much longer to consume, and they can store much more valuable content for the users. This brings us to the 2nd point:

2. It Can store Tons of Valuable content: Instagram & LinkedIn Posts Are very limited when it comes to packing a lot of value within one post. Unless you want to clutter the image, you are mostly stuck to 2-5 sentences.

With Carousel Posts, you get to play with up to 10 Slides which allows you to fully load your post with Tons of Valuable Content. This is also perfect for those who love to share ideas in a long-form style with their audience.

3. Instagram Recommends them more: Instagram Carousels have a chance of being shown to the user Two times compared to regular posts which have only One.

Instagram First shows the 1st slide and then shows the 2nd slide once the user encounters the post again.

TIP: Make sure to Give no Information in Slide Two. This will allow you to have a 2nd Chance to bait the user to engage with your post instead of just scrolling through.

6 ways you can use Instagram & Linkedin carousel Posts

1. Educational posts: Fitting all of your tips & tricks in a single photo usually isn't going to cut it, but with 10 slides you can add tons of value to your audience and share your amazing tips in a whole different way.

2. Product showcase/slideshow: Sharing your new collection of shirts was always impossible unless you want to fill up your whole feed with different products...

But with carousel posts, you can show off your new collection within just 1 post. This also allows others to always know where to look since all of your items are inside 1 collection.

3. Showcase your Testimonials: Getting positive reviews for the hard work you do feels incredibly rewarding and makes us all proud.

With Carousel posts, you can share up to 10 testimonial slides within one post which boosts your reputation and builds trust between you and your audience.

4. Album/Photo Collection: A common way of using carousel posts is to showcase a collection of your photos like the photos from a recent trip, wedding, anniversary, etc.

5. Progress Carousel: No more half picture posts, using carousel posts for progress (before and after) photos makes it much cleaner and allows for a better reveal of your amazing progress

6. Share Resources: With the ability to post multiple pictures inside one post, you can start sharing resources, freebies, tools, and more!


If you're using Adobe Illustrator for making posts, here is a Free empty Template to help you get started with making amazing Carousel posts.

*Comes with Square & Portrait version*

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