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2 Tips That Will Grow Your Business In The Year 2021


Written by

Kristian F.


Published on

Dec 28, 2020

The year 2020 has been one of the toughest (if not the toughest) years in the 21st century so far, and it's brought a lot of people many difficulties and setbacks in their businesses, but on the other hand, a lot of people saw what's coming and used the opportunity to grow their business, and here's how:

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- Change your strategy

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Change your strategy!

Many businesses fail because they don't acknowledge that their strategy is flawed and that people are not interested, and so they keep posting and producing the same thing over and over again thinking that eventually, it will start working...

Avoid making that mistake!

If you see that what you're doing is not working, then stop/pause and change your strategy.

The best way to move forward is to stand back and look at what approach worked the best and double the efforts on that approach.

The best businesses In the world are the ones that know when something is not working, and when to stop.


Marketing is crucial for making money and scaling your business, but most people don't do it the right way...

Here are the main marketing strategies you should focus on:

Brand Identity

Building a brand is the best thing you can do if you plan on your business living a long life, and to start, you need to have a professional logo.

Logo is the main thing (next to your business name) that people are going to remember when you start building your brand, and so that logo needs to be professionally

made to last a long time and stay in the heads of your consumers.

For that reason, it's best to find a professional for the job.

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After getting a professionally designed logo, you should focus on setting up a website. For a professional and serious business, having a website is a must when looking to establish a strong and memorable brand.

Your website should be simple, easy to read, and available on at least 2 device formats: PC, and mobile. More than 50% of internet searches are done from phones, so you need to have a high-quality website specially designed for the mobile format.

Logo design and a professional website will help you immensely with your brand development but, we will go more in-depth about branding in our future articles, so stay tuned!

Social Media

Starting to learn social media growth can be very overwhelming and confusing when you're starting out, so it can get very hard to know what to do and what to focus on to really grow your business.

The main social media platforms that all businesses should focus on are: Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook is by far the biggest social media platform on the internet with over 2.7 billion monthly active users worldwide, and it's currently the best place to market your business.

After Facebook, Instagram is an amazing platform for business growth, but unlike Facebook, Instagram mostly focuses on visuals (Highly appealing photos, videos, traveling, etc.), and if you don't plan to focus on providing high-quality visual content,

than Instagram most likely won't reward your efforts and people won't follow your page.

Besides Instagram & Facebook, there are a lot of crucial parts when choosing and maintaining a social media page. We will go over all the necessary details about social media in our future articles, stay tuned!


Advertising is the biggest requirement to effectively and successfully grow a following, but a lot of people will underestimate the importance of advertising and the importance of underpriced attention.

You need to give in order to receive.

The best and cheapest place you should invest in is Facebook.

Facebook currently offers the cheapest ad prices by far, and it would be a huge business mistake not to take advantage of that under-priced attention while it's still available.

After Facebook, Investing in Google's ads plans would be the best option.

Google is the biggest search engine in the world and most online searches are done through Google, approximately 3.5 billion searches per day, and around 40,000 searches each second.


You won't know what works best for your business until you try and experience it firsthand, and then stop/pause what doesn't work, and double the efforts on what works.

DON'T force something that clearly doesn't work!

Be realistic. Some business strategies don't work anymore, and they won't get you the results that your business needs in order to stay alive and grow.

Marketing is NOT optional!

To effectively grow your business, you need a strong marketing strategy to be able to grow your business. Invest. D