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Good Design: A Stepping Stone To Increasing Brand Credibility


Written by

Kristian F.


Published on

Jun 11, 2022

Most people don’t give too much thought to logo design and brand assets when it comes to their business, but these matter a lot for brand credibility. You always want to have a brand image that portrays you as trustable and reliable to your customers. Good graphic design is the first step to achieving that.

In this article, we will look at how design affects your brand image and how it can increase your credibility. We will also discuss what branding specialists like us do and what value a graphic design agency could potentially add to your business. So, let’s get started.

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- Why does Brand Credibility Matter

- How Brand Credibility Is Related To Graphic Design?

- How Good Branding Builds Brand Credibility?

- Why You Might Need A Branding Specialist?

- Conclusion

Why does Brand Credibility Matter?

Your customers need a reason to trust you. Those who’ve experienced your services and enjoyed them know why they should come back to you. But, people who have never heard from you might be hesitant to avail of your services. So, working on your credibility is of utmost importance for any business.

There are a number of things that portray a brand as credible. First of all, appearance. The themes you choose, the designs you use, your website, your logo - every visual aspect of your business should be tuned according to your target audience.

For example, most life insurance firms use light and simple colors for their website to appear professional and trustworthy. On the other hand, websites targeted toward younger people like video games, and sports, use flashy colors to appear more fun. Both aim to appear credible to the interests of their target audience.

Good service is the second most important aspect of brand credibility. The better your services are, the more likely it is for people to recommend and reorder from you. And last but not least, more social presence. Putting yourself out there in both the real and virtual world and presenting yourself to people can increase brand credibility.

How Brand Credibility Is Related To Graphic Design?

It's not possible to have any kind of long-term credibility without quality services and a good work ethic. But, you do need a way to communicate that credibility to your customers adequately.

How would they know about the fantastic work you've done if you never "show it off"? Good Design elements can help with that very task. Graphic design will help get the message across to the clients.

When someone sees how well designed and organized your shops, websites, etc., they are inclined to look into what you do and how you do it. They are also much less likely to forget your brand if your designs are eye-catchy. But if there isn’t much design to remember you by, the client is more likely to forget about you even if they received top-quality service.

Also, good brand design is simply more "visually" professional. Companies that utilize good graphic design for their logo, pamphlets, social media posts, etc. appear more trustworthy to their target audience.

How Good Branding Builds Brand Credibility?

You might also be wondering what branding consists of. Newsflash, it's not just the logo. In the sense of graphic design, branding is everything visual about your business. From the logo to even how your "store" is decorated.

There are many things in a business that is highly visual-oriented. There are logos, catalogs, typography, product photos, cards and pamphlets, websites and physical storefronts, visuals for marketing campaigns, etc. All of these things together form your brand.

Ideally, you always want any visual element of your business to work well together. It should always be coherent and consistent. That means that if you pull out any two or three different visual elements from your business, they'll always go well together. That is a sign of good branding.

And that coherence will help the customer see what makes your business unique. They will then be aware of your design language and associate some aspects with your brand. And if they are loyal customers, they will always look for the same design elements.

You can think of good branding and good services as similar to yin and yang; they complement each other. If you satisfied your customers and gave them some visual elements to relate to your business, they will always be pleased to find those design elements again.

That is how you can translate the quality of your work into something recognizable and tangible. This increases your recognition value and drives up your credibility exponentially.

Why You Might Need A Branding Specialist?

At this point, the bravest of you might think of picking up Photoshop or Illustrator themselves to start designing a logo and other brand assets for their business, but 9 out of 10 times, that will not be sufficient.

Even if you are capable of graphic design, it is probably evident from our previous discussion that there is much more to good branding than just a well-designed logo. A branding specialist will help you create a coherent and clear design profile. They will help you make an ideal design philosophy that can be consistently followed.

An expert graphic designer and branding specialist will not