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How to Get the First 1k Instagram Followers - Dollar Eighty Review


Written by

Kristian F.


Published on

Apr 23, 2021

If you've just Started Your Social Media growth Journey and wonder what steps you should Actually take in order to grow, you might be overwhelmed with all of the Strategies and Tips you will find online.

Too many options offered to an inexperienced person lead to confusion and A LOT of time-wasting.

But, no matter how much Social Media changes, and how many new methods and tactics get invented, the good old way of being authentic, engaging with others, and spreading positivity will always be effective!

Great! How do I Start??

Well, think of what you want others to do in order for your Social Media to grow.

You might say "I need a lot more followers", or "I want a lot more people to see my posts and Engage with them", but I don't know how to do that...

The Answer to that is: Be the first!

There is no better way to grow an audience than to be the first one to take the step forward. Be the first to engage, be the first to comment, be the first to show love.

So, to grow, you need to be the first one to engage, but what exactly should you do?

A Completely Free method would be to search for a hashtag that relates to the theme of your Social Account. For Example: If you're a female photographer, you can go to #photography and swipe left to arrive at the "recent posts" section of your hashtag.

Once you're there, you'll be exposed to millions of potential followers that mostly also never or rarely get comments on their posts. That would be your opportunity to engage and leave some positive feedback.

Since most people don't get much feedback on their posts, they will be excited and would most likely go to your profile to return a favor. This form of engagement always feels rewarding to both sides since no one is taking advantage or trying to trick the other person (Unlike the "follow" method where people follow someone and then unfollow after a few days hoping they don't notice it and unfollow back...)

Obviously, to comment on Social Media posts and Engage is completely free but, it can take a long time if you're doing it manually.

This is where Dollar Eighty Comes into play.

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- How to use Dollar Eighty

- Honest Review of Dollar Eighty + Special Offer!

What is Dollar Eighty?

Dollar Eighty is an Instagram tool that helps you speed up your growth through strategic engagement and goals you can complete every day. It allows you to bookmark and save comments for faster engagement and track your progress.

Watch this short 30 seconds intro about Dollar Eighty:

Dollar Eighty Features

Engaging with a multitude of people across 90+ posts every day can be a real grind, and that's the core reason Dollar Eighty was made. It allows you to do everything you would normally be able to do at scale (100x more efficiently).

Here is our breakdown of all Dollar Eighty Features: