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Are you Testing your Social Media Strategy? - Iconosquare Review


Written by

Kristian F.


Published on

May 23, 2021

Trying to figure out if your Social Media Strategy is going to work in the long run is a hard task... and as we all know, huge changes happen often overnight, which leaves many people unprepared.

If I ever learned anything about running a business, it's that Testing and Monitoring the effectiveness of a Strategy leads to a better understanding of what works for your business and what doesn't.

You can never know if something is going to work unless YOU try it.

So, in order to know if your strategy is going to work in the long run, you need to monitor its progress over a period of time, and there's no better way to do that than with Iconosquare.

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What is Iconosquare?

Iconosquare is a Social Media Analytics Tool (Official Instagram & Facebook Partner) focused on providing accurate Reports for your Social Media Accounts. Using a Tool like Iconosquare allows you to always know if your strategy is working and make data-driven decisions to grow your business.

Iconosquare Features

As said before, Without proper in-depth analytics, there is no way of knowing if the strategy you're using works for your Business. Iconosquare offers Tons of useful Analytics Tools which will allow you to track your progress.

Here is our breakdown of all Iconosquare Features:

Analytics - Measure and Benchmark your Social Media Performance

- Analytics (For Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)

Get a deeper understanding of your Instagram and Facebook performance and easily analyze your account's performance to provide highly relevant and valuable content to build your community and brand through the following metrics:

- Follower growth

- Reach and impressions

- Audience demographics

- Profile Activity (Not Available for Twitter)

png iconosquare infographic reach impressions analytics saves

Easily organize and Categorizes your media into Albums using Labels - a great way for analyzing the performance of content groups within a campaign.

Promoted Post Analytics (For Instagram)

Understand the impact of your paid marketing efforts. Once unlocked, see the paid vs organic split on a post by post basis across multiple metrics like:

- Engagement

- Reach

- Impressions

Report exports will also show your performance split by paid and organic so you can share this with your team, manager, or clients.

Custom Dashboard (For Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)

The Custom Dashboard allows you to customize your view to better understand the performance of each one of your social profiles based on the KPIs most important to them.

- Create a unique dashboard for every social profile you manage and share it with your Team Members

- The Dashboard is quick to build using drag and drop tools

- Duplicate your dashboard to other social profiles.

- Export a PDF or XLS report of your dashboard. Schedule these to be sent regularly from within the Exports & Reports section.

post on hashtag png report analytics over time infographic iconosquare

Stories Analytics (For Instagram)

Get an in-depth analysis of your stories so you can track and improve performance for greater engagement.

- The Full History of your Stories from the time you verified your Instagram Business Page on Iconosquare.

- Impressions, reach, and completion rate.

- Tab backs and tab forwards.

- Understand the best time to post Stories.

- See Total Replies and Average Replies data.