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How We Went from 0 to 138k Views on Pinterest in 1 Month!


Written by

Kristian F.


Published on

May 15, 2021

With This Article, we are Starting our Pinterest Growth Journey through which we will be Sharing our Progress and Things we learned after each month, so make sure to Subscribe to our Blog to Never Miss out on our Future Articles.

The First Month has Been a Really Rough one. Maybe even rougher than what most people go through on Pinterest... We Even Got Banned by Pinterest...

But let's not get too Ahead of ourselves, and Start From The Very Beginning.

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- Last Month's Report

- What Helped us To Start Getting more Impressions and Clicks

- Catchy Design

- High-Quality Content


- Consistency

- How We Got Banned on Pinterest (Mistakes to Avoid)

Last Month Report

We Started taking Pinterest Seriously on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021, which almost Immediately started reflecting in small scale in our Analytic Reports:

Pinterest April 13th to May 13th Analytic report progress growing pinterest impressions and clicks getting more pinterest traffic
April 13th to May 13th Analytic report

After that day, we started researching and improving our Strategy which led to a more consistent flow of traffic to our Pins, Account, and Website.

Always tweaking and testing other methods has definitely been highly beneficial to the Success of this Month. If we learned anything this month, it's that dedicating an hour or two every day to learning and testing different approaches is a big Must to grow your Pinterest traffic.

What Helped us to Start Getting more Impressions and Clicks

The First Moment when we Started Getting more and more Impressions and clicks is when We Started Posting 5 High-Quality Pins Per day.

But what makes a Pin High-Quality?

- Catchy Design: The Design of Your Pin needs to Stand out from the ocean of Generically themed Pins. For Example: If you Search "Gardening" on Pinterest, you will see Pins That Mostly Look Like this:

pinterest search feed gardening results explore page

Almost ALL Pins are themed the same way. All of Them Have Green somewhere on the Pin.

So, whenever you're about to Design your Next Pin, make sure to first see what kind of Pins Show up when you search for keywords that are most related to your Pin and use some kind of Color, Font, Picture, etc. that Stands out from the Ocean of "Green" Pins. Doing that will give you a huge advantage over other Generic Pins you see.

Resource: Download the Full 50+ Pins Package with Pins We used to go From 0 to 138k Impressions Here.

High-Quality Content: Making an Amazing Pin Will Allow you to drive traffic to your link, but to get even more impressions and allow your pins to keep growing, you need to make High-Quality Content that people will want to Share.

This means you NEED to deliver on your Promises.

TIP: Most Visitors tend to first Scroll through your whole page before reading any of the content, so make sure to Always have a Clear Message and make your promises easy to find.

SEO: Just like Google, Pinterest is a Search Engine, and researching every single Pin, Adding relevant and Engaging keywords has really helped us get more Reach.

The easiest way to find relevant keywords for your Pins is by using the Pinterest keyword tool.

To use it, you need to go to "Create ad", fill out a few mandatory fields, and scroll down to the Keyword Research field.

pinterest keyword research tool create ad search engine optimization seo research growth campaign
Pinterest Keyword Research Tool

After typing in your Keyword, the Keyword Tool will give you the Best Suggestions on the keywords you should use in your Pins.

TIP: Make sure to keep an eye on the "Potential Audience Size" pannel and focus on getting a broad audience for the most impressions and engagement.

Alt Tag - Your Alt Tag Should Contain a clear Pin description and a few relevant keywords. Alt Tags are not the most important parts of your Pins's Success, but they can definitely contribute in the long run.

- Consistency: Posting Consistently every day has really been the Number One reason we managed to reach so many people over the past month. And yes, there will be days when you won't manage to post as much as you would like to, but not giving up and being consistent is the real key to Business Success.

How We Got Banned on Pinterest (Mistakes to Avoid)

Yes... We got Banned from Pinterest after 15 days of Posting.

The Reason we got banned is "Spammy Behavior" (Unfortunately, In our case, Pinterest didn't explain or mention the exact reason why we got banned, but the one that made the most sense to us is Spam).

Before we got banned, we used to repin each one of our 5 daily Pins to Most of our Personal Boards and Group Boards (Around 8 to 15 Repins) which meant we were Pinning around 50-80 Pins or even more each day...

Unfortunately, we never researched the limitations of Pinning before getting banned which was a big mistake on our part. (If you're also concerned about this issue and want to make sure this doesn't happen to you, you can read this great article by Louise Cottrell that explains this topic more in detail - How often should you Pin on Pinterest?)

After we got banned, we reached out to Pinterest and got our Account up to and running after 2 days, which was a big relief.

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