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Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Written by

Kristian F.


Published on

Jan 15, 2021

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to get organic reach, so it's highly important to take advantage of it and do it properly.

To get to the top page of google, you need to first take a couple of crucial steps to optimizing your content and your SEO strategy.

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To rank higher on google, you need to use 1-3 keywords that best fit your topic, but at the same time aren't too competitive.

A great way to find good, low competition keywords is Answer The Public.

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Answer the Public shows what people on social media are talking about and translates those topics into amazing keywords.

Also, they offer great "long tail" keywords that are less competitive and easier to master.

Another great way to find good keywords is Exploding Topics.

They provide data on certain topics that grow over the months and years to showcase what's popular and what people are interested in.

Content Creation

Creating High-quality content is a must to rank higher and stand out among the millions of blog posts, videos, pictures, etc.

So, Always give your best to make the content you post valuable and interesting.

When you post high-quality content, people are going to read and share it with others, which leads to more engagement, more readers, and ultimately, more money.

Longer and more in-depth content also provides greater and better results than short content.

Posting long content won't guarantee your success but will substantially increase the chances of others sharing and enjoying it.

How to make high-quality content?

For most people, making content that you enjoy is the best way to create high-quality content because you enjoy making it and you're interested in it, which people can definitely notice.

But, if you still don't know what to post and how to make it stand out, there are tons of amazing creators on Fiverr offering to help you out and give you a hand! Click here to check them out!

Keyword-Optimize your content

Just using keywords in your content is not enough to rank high on google.

Google requires you to give relevant context around your keywords in order to confirm that what you are talking about is legit, and a great way to do that, you need to use LSI keywords.

LSI keywords are words/phrases that are closely related to the main keywords that you are using.

Example: For the keyword "food", you will get LSI keywords like "food synonym", "list of foods", "fast food", "junk food", "food recipes, etc.

To find LSI keywords, just type your main keyword in Google search and then scroll down to the bottom section called "Searches related to (your keyword)"

You should also specifically add your keywords in these areas of your page:

- In the last 100 words of your article/page

- In your image alt text

- In your title tag

- In the first 100 words of your article/page

- In an H2/H3 tag

- In an H1 tag

User Experience

Your page presentation and originality is highly important to make visitors stay on your site and enjoy your content.

Making the user experience the best it can possibly be is a goal every business should have in order to grow, and Google is no different.

Google keeps track of user activity when they click on your page, and if the user clicks and then leaves your page right away that tells google that you are not what they were looking for and that your page is not high-quality.

After that, google could downrank your page in the search results, but if people are enjoying your content, and you're providing a good user experience, then Google will most likely rank your page higher.

The design of your page also needs to be on point because people always first notice the design and then the content. So make sure you put in the effort and make it attractive and appealing.

For some people, that might not be a strong point, so getting a professional to do that job for you can be a lifesaver and the difference between success and failure.

We recommend checking out amazing cheap talent on Fiverr to help you out with your page design.

Unique Images

Using unique images can help immensely with ranking higher on Google, (