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What is the Best Pinterest Pin Maker? - Canva Review


Written by

Kristian F.


Published on

Jun 19, 2021

Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the Best free ways to Drive Massive amounts of traffic to your Website without the need for a Huge (already established) audience.

Because of this, most Bloggers, Sellers, and Entrepreneurs start wondering "What's the best way to Make Pins on Pinterest to Drive Tons of Traffic?"

Short answer: Canva!

Canva is the Best and most well-known Pin Maker on Pinterest with over 30 Million users worldwide.

But what makes it such a great Pin Maker? Let's find out...

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- What is Canva?

- Canva VS Photoshop

- Canva PRO's

- Canva CON's

- Photoshop PRO's

- Photoshop CON's

- Conclusion

- How to use Canva for Pinterest

- 3 Golden Tips to follow when Designing Pins

- Honest Review of Canva

What is Canva?

Canva is a Free Graphic Design platform used to Quickly and Efficiently Create Stunning Images using their already loaded library full of Resources.

Being so Simple and Quick, Canva makes an Amazing tool for Bloggers, Social Media Influencers, and Writers to Quickly make amazing Visuals without a need for learning Complex Photo editing programs.

canva keeps it simple screenshot editor image jpeg png download template blank new pinterest branding expert brandingexpert.net

So... yes, Canva keeps it simple, BUT, simple is not the best in all situations when it comes to Graphic Design.

Here is why...

Canva VS Photoshop

Most commonly compared Graphic Design Competitors are Canva and Photoshop. To answer the question "Which is better?" we would need to first list their PRO's and CON's:

Canva PRO's ✔️

- Price: Canva offers a Completely Free Version with over 250,000 Templates, Hundreds of Fonts, and other Resources. This allows their users to enjoy the Free Version before they decide to hop on one of the three Paid plans (Unlike Photoshop which is only available as a Paid Service).

- Resources: Canva offers over 420,000 Templates (new templates added every day), Their very own Background remover, 75+ Million Premium Stock Photos, and more.

- Simplicity: Canva is known for its simplicity and ease of use. Many Freelancers would rather have a solid, easy-to-learn, and well-rounded Graphic Design Tool to help them create simple and quick graphics for their projects, and Canva definitely delivers on that promise.

Canva CON's

- Too Simple: Simplicity is a big plus when it comes to Canva, but in bigger and more complex projects, it lacks freedom and crucial features needed to make a good Design.

- Pushy: As a Free Canva user, you will get bombarded all the time to upgrade to their premium plans. Whenever you're trying to find a good-looking font or a nice Template, you'll mostly be scrolling through Tons of Premium Templates (which you would like to use) before you find a decent Free option.

- Selling: Selling Templates is not as Straight forward as with Graphic Design Programs that have their own unique file format like Photoshop (.psd). This makes selling your Creations much more complicated and requires your Customers to go through an unnecessary process to get the Designs they bought.

From those Specifications, you can get a rough idea of Canva's main Strengths and Weaknesses. That said, let's see how Photoshop compares to Canva:

Photoshop PRO's ✔️

- Features: Photoshop is by far the Best and Most Advanced Image editing software today and paired with the specialties of other Adobe Programs (Like Illustrator and Lightroom), it's an unstoppable force. Anything you can think of you can create.

- Navigation: Your whole workspace is Customizable to your liking, whether you want to have a Compact layout or you want to spread your tools across 2+ Monitors, Photoshop has got you covered.

- Automations: Hate repeating the same tasks on each one of your projects? Photoshop has a Life-Saving feature that allows you to record your moves and repeat them all with a single click.

Photoshop CON's

- The Learning Curve: Photoshop can be very intimidating for those who just started using it and take a good chunk of time before you can confidently start Creating your own Designs.

- Crashing: Every Photoshop user has experienced this at least once...

Adobe has indeed fixed many of the crashing problems but we still, unfortunately, deal with unexpected crashes and failed auto-backups. 😒

(Which Almost NEVER happens to Canva users)