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> What makes us add a product to the site?

We mostly add & review products on our site because:

- We use and love the product,

- It's been recommended by our users,

- The Product Owners/Founders want to promote it to our Audience (Affiliates are never treated differently. All products get reviewed & researched by us to make sure they live up to our standards and our Brand. Read our Disclaimers).

> How to Promote Relevant Products on Branding Expert?

Anyone can suggest a product to be featured on Branding Expert, no matter if you're the owner, founder, or just a fan. To leave your suggestion, click this link and fill out a form 📝. (takes less than 1 minute to complete)

TIP: Adding your personal experience helps us get a better insight and increases the chances for approval.

NOTE: If you want us to make a Sponsored Post, Please contact us at:

> Why the name "Branding Expert"?

Definition: Branding Expert "has, involves, or displays special skills or knowledge derived from training or experience about the process involved in creating a unique name (Brand) and image for a product or service in the customer's mind".

Branding Expert offers relevant services to grow our customer's Brands through Visual Identity Design, Promotional Material, Publication, Strategy, etc.

When was founded, it served as a landing page for our Branding Team. But, as Branding Expert grew, we added more and more services, features, blog posts, resources... and expanded our love and passion for helping and growing businesses.

Today, our site stands as a perfect growth tool for finding great guides, resources, top tools, and services.

Check out this article for more details on Branding and how it can help you grow your business.

> How often do we post new content on the site?

Our goal is to post once per week which we mostly achieve.

NOTE: We focus on providing the best and most researched content so our schedule is usually inconsistent. But to make sure you never miss out on our new releases you can subscribe to our Newsletter here.




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