Our Favorite Design Tools/Resources Anyone Can Use

Updated: Apr 16

As a Graphic Designer, finding the best tools can be a real hassle, and often take a lot of digging around, when you could instead be doing the actual work and growing your business.

Knowing that, we are going to share the top tools we use to speed up our work, be more productive, and level up our designs.

Jump to what you need:

- Mockups

- Fonts

- Colors

- Stock images

- Icons

1. Mockups

Our favorite all-around place for amazing mockups is free-mockup.com

Free-mockup offers a large variety of mockups, from T-shirts, Mugs, iPhones, to Packaging, etc.

That large variety of mockups is one of the main reasons why we enjoy Free-mockup and its services.

All of their mockup files come in the PSD file format.

Other amazing Mockup sites we use:

- mockups-design.com

- mockupworld.co

- goodmockups.com

- psdrepo.com/tag/free-psd-mockups

- cssauthor.com/mockups

- creativebooster.net/collections/free-mockups

- unblast.com

- mrmockup.com/freebies

- cgispread.com/category/mockup

2. Fonts

Our favorite all-around place for amazing fonts is dafont.com

dafont.com offers a huge variety of different styles and options, you can find 100% free fonts, and most of their fonts come in font packs (family font) which means you won't need to manually search for different font types (thin, regular, bold, etc.) for the same font.

Everything is in one place and ready for you.

dafont.com has been a life-saver over the years due to their amazing services and polished products.

Next to dafont.com, we also use these amazing font sites:

- fontspace.com

- fonts.google.com

- fontsquirrel.com

- wfonts.com

3. Colors

Our favorite place for amazing colors and color palettes is coolors.co

Coolors.co offers amazing colors, gradients, color palettes, contract checker, color picker, and the option to extract a palette from a picture.

It's been featured as the #1 Product of the Month by Product hunt and continues to grow every day.

All you need to do is press the space bar and their generation tool will automatically generate random color palettes for you, which can help you with inspiration and picking the perfect colors for your Instagram feed, website, logo, and more.

They also offer tools that you can install on your computer, iOS app, Adobe Extention, and Chrome Extention.

Great coolors.co alternatives:

- mycolor.space

- color.adobe.com/explore

- colorhunt.co

- canva.com/colors/color-palettes

- pigment.shapefactory.co

- picular.co

- maketintsandshades.com

4. Stock Images

We recommend using unsplash.com

Unsplash.com is a free site for top-quality stock images from thousands of different photographers, categories, etc.

We use unsplash.com in almost all of our articles due to such great quality and variety of photos.

Some of the amazing photos you can find on unsplash.com (all commercially free):

But, as always, one source can't always cover our needs, so here are some great alternatives:

- pexels.com

- burst.shopify.com

- pixabay.com

- barnimages.com

- lifeofpix.com

- stocksnap.io

- rawpixel.com

5. Icons

Our favorite icon source is Flaticon.com

Flaticon.com is one of the largest icon databases in the world.

All of their icons come in PNG & SVG formats. They have over 4 million amazing icons, a super-advanced sorting system, top-quality icon styles, great icon packs, and more!

They also offer to pay creators for making icons on their site. So, if you're a creative who loves making great icons, you can get paid when others download your icons.

Flaticon.com alternatives:

- iconfinder.com

- icons8.com

- freeicons.io

- iconscout.com

- thenounproject.com

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