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Updated: May 13

Dollar Eighty - Social Media Strategy

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If you've just Started Your Social Media growth Journey and wonder what steps you should Actually take in order to grow, you might be overwhelmed with all of the Strategies and Tips you will find online.

Too many options offered to an inexperienced person lead to confusion and A LOT of time-wasting. But, no matter how much Social Media changes, how many new methods and tactics get invented, the good old way of being authentic, engaging with others, and spreading positivity will always be effective!

Great! How do I Start??

Well, think of what you want others to do in order for your Social Media to grow.

You might say "I need a lot more followers", or "I want a lot more people to see my posts and Engage with them", but I don't know how to do that...

The Answer to that is: Be the first!

There is no better way to grow an audience than to be the first one to take the step forward. Be the first to engage, be the first to comment, be the first to show love.

So, to grow, you need to be the first one to engage, but what exactly should you do?

A Completely Free method would be to search for a Hashtag that relates to the theme of your Social Account. For Example: If you're a Female photographer, you can go to #photography and swipe left to arrive at the "recent posts" section of your hashtag.

Once you're there, you'll be exposed to millions of potential followers that mostly also never or rarely get comments on their posts. That would be your opportunity to engage and leave some positive feedback.


Since most people don't get much feedback on their posts, they will be excited and would most likely go to your profile to return a favor. This form of engagement always feels rewarding to both sides since no one is taking advantage or trying to trick the other person (Unlike the "follow" method where people follow someone and then unfollow after a few days hoping they don't notice it and don't unfollow back...)

Obviously, to comment on Social Media posts and Engage is completely free but, it can take a long time if you're doing it manually.

This is where Dollar Eighty Comes into play.

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- What is Dollar Eighty?

- Dollar Eighty Features

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- Honest Review of Dollar Eighty + Special Offer!

What is Dollar Eighty?

Dollar Eighty is an Instagram tool that helps you speed up your growth through strategic engagement and goals you can complete every day. It allows you to bookmark and save comments for faster engagement and track your progress.

Watch this short 30 seconds intro about Dollar Eighty:

Dollar Eighty Features

Engaging with a multitude of people across 90+ posts every day can be a real grind, and that's the core reason Dollar Eighty was made. It allows you to do everything you would normally be able to do at scale (100x more efficiently).

Here is our breakdown of all Dollar Eighty Features:


There are three different types of targets available on Dollar Eighty: Hashtags, Locations, and Profiles. These allow you to filter your Posts page which provides you with the posts to like and comment on – to help you find content that suits your niche. To set them up, you need to click on the Targets tab and fill in the targets that you like.

  • Hashtags: Never underestimate the power of a hashtag and the vast number of combinations of words that hashtags can be made from. As you begin to type these into your Targets, more suggestions should pop up. Feel free to make the most of these!

  • Locations: Filter posts by Location to find content in the places that matter to you. This could be as large as a country, or as small as your favorite restaurant or event. Unlock these when you become a Premium Dollar Eighty user.

TIP: The more specific you are with location, the more targeted your results will be.

  • Profiles: These are a great way to target either specific IG accounts, or profile types that align with your niche. Using keywords such as ‘travel’ will add accounts that have ‘travel’ in their name. Make the most of how broad and narrow profile targets can be. As you get commenting and interacting, you will be able to work out which profiles are best suited to your niche.

  • Collections: These are a great way to efficiently move your favorite targets around. You can add and delete different targets, and save them under different collections. It takes only a few clicks to switch between them and widen your engagement potential.

TIP: To make the most of your Targets, we encourage you to change them around and test out different targets in order to find the perfect niche for you. Use the Dollar Eighty Checklist Calendar to keep on top of these and know when to change them around. The best way to do this is to have different Target Collections which organize your targets into categories and saves them, allowing you to change up your targets with ease.


The Posts page displays personalized content which aligns with your Targets. Here you can switch between Recent and Top posts, and filter through your Hashtags, Locations, and Profiles. When you change between different Target Collections, this will affect what you see under Posts, giving you more variation for what you can engage with.


The Explore page is a great place to go if you are looking to find new and different content to engage with. It is not limited to your Targets and therefore provides a much wider scope for different posts from different accounts. Spend some time scrolling through this page to spark inspiration, and help provide new ideas for when it comes time for you to post your own new content, or for when you need some guidance on the best hashtags.


The History page is helpful for many reasons. It tracks your commenting progress by showing which posts you have commented on in the past.

  • Comments Completed Today: Shows your comments on posts.

  • Comments Queued: Shows comments waiting in the queue to be posted.

  • Old Comments: Displays the posts which you have commented on in the past in chronological order

TIP: Look back at your history page for inspiration for your new content. Because you are engaging with people within your niche, their posts will be the ones that save within your history.


This awesome feature allows Dollar Eighty users to build communities, where users can create and join groups to be able to mix with like-minded people and accounts. Here you can find inspiration for new content, share targets and effortlessly engage with your own niche. We recommend joining groups or making your own if none exist that match what you are looking for. Invite your friends and other Dollar Eighty users with similar interests to join your groups in order to grow your niche.


How and what you comment is the most important part of your engagement. Making sure that you avoid commenting like a bot, ensures that people will want to respond to your comments and engage with you. Write new and personalized comments on each post.

  • Consider the caption: What is the person saying and how can you meaningfully respond? Genuine responses build genuine relationships.

  • Consider the photo: Is there something you can relate to, and comment on?

  • Be genuine: The algorithm doesn’t lie – interaction with other accounts by commenting and responding to comments is the best way to boost your engagement and doing so authentically. Commenting useful and educated content which shows you have genuinely considered the post and the person's profile helps build these connections. Dollar Eighty’s queue feature ensures that when you comment, they are spread out over time to ensure that your commenting doesn’t seem automated and bot-like – follow the progress in the History page, and make sure to keep the tabs open on that account until all of the comments in the queue have cleared. If your comments go grey, don’t panic. This is Dollar Eighty ensuring that you comment something different in order to protect your account. When it comes time to respond to comments on people’s posts – use IG to directly engage with those comments, be sure to like and reply to something meaningful to spark great engagement.

How to Use Dollar Eighty

In the Previous Section (Dollar Eighty Features) We Explained all of Dollar Eighty Features but for those who would like a more in-depth guide on Dollar Eighty, check out this amazing video by Sue B. Zimmerman:

Honest Review of Dollar Eighty:

Engaging with Your Instagram Audience can obviously be done without any tool on the market, but what Dollar Eighty offers is a 100x faster and more effective way to do so.

If you decided to start your daily engagement grind without Dollar Eighty (Manually), you would on average be losing 85% of your time.

Dollar Eighty's Features increase your efficiency and make it more fun to engage.

Overall, we Highly Recommend Dollar Eighty for everyone who has under 15k followers. This Tool will help you get started and allow you to grow your brand on Instagram through genuine and efficient engagement.

Also, for those who are excited to Start using Dollar Eighty, you can start your first 1 Month Premium Membership for FREE! Just make sure to use the code "2021GROWTH".

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