5 Ultimate Productivity Tools Everyone Should Use

Updated: Apr 16

Productivity is a crucial part of our life and making more money, so focusing on increasing our productivity is a great goal to move forward.

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- Instagram Hashtags (Flick)

- Learning assistant (Blinkist)

- Writing assistant (Grammarly)

1. Any.do

Any.do is an amazing organization tool that helps boost your productivity.

Using Any.do has been a life-changing experience due to its simplicity and amazing features!

Any.do intro:

One of Any.do's best features is their amazing calendar app that you definitely won't be able to live without!

It can sync seamlessly with your Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud, or any other calendar.

You can also use their widget to view your agenda from your home screen.

With Any.do, you are guaranteed to save precious time and accomplish great things!

Some of Any.do's features we find useful:

- The ability to drag and drop tasks in a calendar is simply amazing!

- Users can add tags, attachments to a task, and also add sub-tasks.

- You can share tasks and add labels.

- Users can set the time and date for a task.

- Users can create lists and custom tags, which is an amazing feature that makes it even more flexible.

- User dashboard is simple and intuitive, making it easier to navigate and optimally use even for first-time users without prior experience using any task management software.

Check out our in-depth review & guide for Any.do here.

Check out Any.do!

Another great way to increase productivity would be to monitor your progress and tweak your strategy based on real statistics and metrics.

A lot of people post content on social media without spending any time checking how well those posts are doing and what their audience is really engaged with.

Our favorite tool to use for that purpose is Iconosquare.

2. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is an amazing tool that helps measure and benchmark your social media performance.


With Iconosquare, you can get a deeper understanding of your Instagram and Facebook performance and easily analyze your account's performance so you can provide highly relevant, valuable content to build your community and brand through the following metrics:

- Follower growth

- Reach and impressions

- Audience demographics

- Profile Activity

Content Optimization

Increase your engagement and build your community by understanding:

- Past posts that generated the most likes, most comments, and most engagement so you can optimize your future content.

- The best time to post and when your followers are online. Scheduling your posts to get the most engagement and maximize performance.


- Multiple Profiles

Add as many profiles as you want to your account and easily switch between them with a simple click.

Analytics, Scheduling, and Reporting are available for all profiles added to your account.

- Users & Roles

Add as many team members as you need and assign them roles, depending on what you'd like them to do within the platform.

Check out our in-depth review & guide for Iconsquare here.

Check out Iconosquare!

When talking about great tools for Instagram growth like Iconsquare, it's hard to overlook one of the best assets for growing your Instagram which is Flick.

3. Flick

Flick is the best-in-class method for identifying highly relevant and engaging Instagram hashtags.

Not only is it superbly accurate but it can also save you a lot of time!

Flick can also help you when you're trying to find hashtags to rank on.

Hashtags are a crucial aspect of growing your Instagram, but spending hours and hours finding the best hashtags, managing, and optimizing them can be a real hassle...

Flick's Features:

- Hashtag Assistant - Access your hashtag collection on the go and keep up to date with hey growth metrics.


- Follower growth analytics (see your change in followers daily, how many have been gained and lost)

- Copy hashtags in a single tap

- Copy hashtags from different collections

- Hashtag Collections - Centralized location for all your hashtags / Build a library of options for your posts, test different variations and re-use top-performing groups.


- Hashtags will automatically sync with the "Hashtag Assistant" app.

- Personalize your collections with emoji's and names

- See how key hashtag data changes over time.

- Instagram Performance Reports - Key insights sent straight to your inbox every week.


- Sharable link

- Report covers: Reach, Insights, change in followers, profile visits, impressions, website clicks & daily breakdowns.

Check out our in-depth review & guide for Flick here.

Check out Flick!

4. Blinkist

Blinkist is an amazing tool that allows you to learn efficiently.

They summarize any book into bite-sized chunks that you can pretty much read in about 15 minutes. Their goal is to provide you with as much key knowledge from a book for better productivity and faster learning.

Blinkist Intro:

Blinkist offers:

- Shortcasts

They teamed up with podcast creators to bring you key insights from podcasts.

- Blinks

Read or listen to the key ideas from bestselling nonfiction in 15 minutes

- Expert curation

Hand-picked recommendations, collections, tailored to what you're interested in, and much more!

Some of the categories that Blinkist offers:

- Career & Success

- Society & Culture

- Sex & Relationships

- Science

- Religion & Spirituality

- Psychology

- Productivity

- Money & Investments

- Technology & the Future

and much more...

Check out our in-depth review & guide for Blinkist here.

Check out Blinkist!

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is a free writing assistant that helps you write better, more professional, and high-quality sentences.

After we started using Grammarly, we could never imagine living without it. It always comes in handy when writing a message, email, or blog post with its clever ideas and ways to always make it sound much better.

Intro to Grammarly:

Grammarly offers:

- Grammarly Extention for your preferred browser.

- Grammarly app to install on your computer.

- Grammarly app for your mobile device or tablet.

They also offer an amazing Demo to help you better understand how Grammarly would work if you started using it, and how it can help you create amazing messages with no effort!

Check out Grammarly!

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