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JASKO Enterprises, Inc. Rebranding project

The complete rebranding project for a US-based freight transportation carrier & brokerage company

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Jasko Enterprises, Inc.



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About JASKO Enterprises, Inc.

JASKO Enterprises Inc. was founded in 2003 and is an asset-based refrigerated carrier based in Englewood, Colorado. The company was started in Florida, then in 2012 added a Colorado location and eventually moved its operation to Colorado. Their focus is on providing exceptional service to their customers, nationwide refrigerated truckload, and logistics services to the food industry. JASKO's slogan is “We Make It Happen”.

The Problem

The company needed a full brand identity creation and logo redesign. The logo used for 15+ years had many design mistakes, lots of unnecessary details, and wasn't memorable or distinctive enough to be used in any upcoming marketing campaigns or stationery assets.

Secondly, the company had no brand guidelines (color, font, style, etc.), clear message, and long-term brand strategy.

The Solution

The first task was redesigning the logo. We started by analyzing the old logo and stripping away the unnecessary parts that made it look cluttered, but leaving the one detail JASKO is known for - the steering wheel (which we optimized and simplified while keeping key design features from the original design).

For the typeface, we settled on a san serif font "Gill Sans" for its simple, modern, and masculine feel. Our font of choice will also help make the new logo clear and easily recognizable from a long distance since the logo will be placed on moving trucks and trailers.

We created a minimalistic brand style guide that included all essential guidelines for colors, logo use, font, slogan, etc.

The Result

The work for JASKO Enterprises was a big success and received a lot of positive feedback from company partners, brokers, and the general public (including JASKO employees).