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  • How to Find, Design, and Choose the Best Logo for Your Brand

    Logo plays a HUGE part in a Good, High-Quality Brand Identity, and in this article, we will show you how important "Good Logo Design" is for the success and longevity of your Business. 🕊️ Fly to a section: - What Tool should I use for Logo Design? (Logo Maker App) - Logo Makers (Apps) to avoid - How To Start the Design Process - 5 Tips to Follow When Making a Logo Design - 3 Things to Avoid When Making a Logo Design - Where to Find High-Quality Logo services What Tool should I use for Logo Design? (Logo Maker App) Most Professional Logo Designers use Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is a Vector Graphics Editor and design program developed by Adobe Inc. It's available on Windows 10 and macOS. It has all the tools that will allow you to create virtually anything you can think of. If you're looking to become a Logo Designer, then Adobe Illustrator is a must. A great alternative would be Inkscape. Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics editor used to create vector images, primarily in Scalable Vector Graphics format. Other formats can be imported and exported. Inkscape can render primitive vector shapes and text. Inkscape is available on Windows 10, macOS, and Linux Recommendation: Many think that you need years of studying and a degree to be a Professional/Serious Logo Designer, but that simply isn't true. We recommend checking out Mohamed Achraf, to quickly learn the basics and more advanced methods to start making stunning Logo Designs (Mohamed Achraf teaches Logo Design with Adobe Illustrator) Logo Makers (Apps) to avoid There are many "quick fix" solutions for Logo Design on the Internet, but searching for a "quick fix" solution when it comes to your Logo is a recipe for disaster. One of those solutions is Canva. Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. It's a great platform for quickly creating amazing graphics for your projects, but when it comes to Logo design, it should never be considered. Most Logo Designs you find on Canva are generic and overused. Additionally, Canva doesn't offer those crucial tools every Logo Designer needs to create professional, high-quality Logo Designs. Another example of a Bad Logo Maker is the Wix Logo Maker. Wix Logo Maker is a Tool from Wix Inc. that collects your logo preferences and quickly creates tons of Templates from which you can start editing your Logo. The Problem with this tool is similar to Canva: Not Enough Options. Besides the lack of Features and Tools within the Wix Editor, another BIG issue is the pricing. To download and use the Logo you created, you will need to pay 20$! And if you want to get the Resizable Logo Files, you'll need to pay 50$!! It's safe to say that you should stay away from the Wix Logo Maker and rather use other alternatives we mentioned. How To Start the Design Process To Start the Design process, you will need some sort of inspiration. If the Design you want to make is intended for your Client, the best thing you can do is to ask them for a detailed description of their Brand/Business. The same method would be used if you're making a Logo for your Own Brand/Business. Example: I'm a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (martial art). I feel I have a good BJJ knowledge to teach people, build my team, do what I love, and be successful in this business. I want to open a strong BJJ community to compete all over the world, and also open up our brand with other people if they want to enjoy our team and affiliate. From that Example, you can extract a few keywords like "Jiu-Jitsu", "Teach People", "Team", "Strong", or "Community". With those keywords, you can start forming a mood board* *Mood board is a type of visual representation or 'collage' consisting of images, text, and samples in a composition. After making a mood board, It's time for creating a few concepts. Concepts in other words are like sketches or quick drawings of the rough idea you have in mind. A lot of Graphic Designers like to make these concepts on a real piece of paper, where they can quickly make a few sketches of what they have in mind. Tip: Always make sure to research the Brand/Business as much as possible before you start designing their Logo. Never go straight into Designing without learning the basics of the Industry. Once you're done with the concepts, you can start putting together the actual design. 5 Tips to Follow When Making a Logo Design Every Logo Design approach is different, but there are a few things every Logo Designer should keep in mind in order to really make a High-Quality Logo. 1. You don't need to have anything from your Company inside the Logo. Many Logo designers think that if you're running (for example) a dog business, that you have to have a dog somewhere on the logo, which restricts their creativity and pushes the Logo to be more generic rather than unique. The Goal of the Logo is always to be Unique and Recognizable, so don't restrict yourself! 2. Keep the Design Flexible. Your Logo goes everywhere with your brand (Clothes, Magazines, Websites, Business Cards, Banners, Ads, etc.) so making sure it gets recognized in every possible size is a must. Tip: To Test your Logo Design, you can try blurring the image or squinting your eyes to see if your logo is still recognizable. If you can still recognize the logo, then you have a High-Quality recognizable Logo, and if not, your logo might be overcomplicated. To fix this, try removing some unnecessary details. 3. Sketch 20 ideas. If you're trying to make a simple logo, but you're struggling to find ideas, try sketching 20 Logos on a piece of paper in 10-15 minutes. This will force you to create simple shapes and designs and help you make a simple but appropriate logo. 4. Keep the Design Shape Geometric. Many of the well-known Logo Designs are made from Geometric shapes like Triangles, Circles, and squares. This can help you find your ideal Logo Design quicker and keep the lines perfect. 5. Always start in Black & White. Doing this will help you to focus on the important aspects of the Logo (Hierarchy, Contrast, and Legibility). This will also allow you to make better use of Negative space in those crucial early Design stages. 3 Things to Avoid When Making a Logo Design At Branding Expert, we designed close to a thousand logos in the past 2 years, and from that experience, we collected the Top 3 things every Logo Designer should avoid when Designing a Logo. 1. Logo Design is Not Appropriate for the industry. Example: If the Logo represents a Sport, it needs to be Bold and Dynamic, or if it's in fashion, needs to be elegant, etc. The Feeling it gives needs to be appropriate to the industry that it represents. 2. Logo is not Distinctive. Making a Logo distinctive and memorable allows it to be easily recognized, trusted, described, etc. Tip: Don't influence your designs too much with other designs. This will help you design a unique logo which is the main goal. 3. Overcomplicating the Design. Logos are used in many areas like billboards, stationary, Websites, etc. so it's highly important to keep it simple and easily scalable. Where to Find High-Quality Logo services Don't want to make a logo yourself? We are here to help you! 💜 At Branding Expert, we offer Top-Quality affordable Logo Design projects to Ensure the Success of your Business. You can Submit a Short Form here, or Contact us from our Contact us page. Looking for Alternative solutions? A great way to find Affordable Logo Design Services is Fiverr. Fiverr is an online Freelancing platform offering Beginner to Expert level services for anything you can think of. Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

  • How To Know if your Social Media Strategy Stinks? - Iconosquare Review

    Iconosquare - Social Media Analytics Score: 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check out Iconosquare 🚀 Trying to figure out if your Social Media Strategy is going to work in the long run is a hard task... and as we all know, huge changes happen often overnight, which leaves many people unprepared. If I ever learned anything about running a business, it's that Testing and Monitoring the effectiveness of a Strategy leads to a better understanding of what works for your business and what doesn't. You can never know if something is going to work unless YOU try it. So, in order to know if your strategy is going to work in the long run, you need to monitor its progress over a period of time, and there's no better way to do that than with Iconosquare. Jump to a section here: - What is Iconosquare? - Iconosquare Features Analytics Scheduling Listening Manage - How to use Iconosquare - Honest Review of Iconosquare + Special Offer! What is Iconosquare? Iconosquare is a Social Media Analytics Tool (Official Instagram & Facebook Partner) focused on providing accurate Reports for your Social Media Accounts. Using a Tool like Iconosquare allows you to always know if your Strategy is working and make data-driven decisions to grow your business. Iconosquare Features As said before, Without proper in-depth analytics, there is no way of knowing if the strategy you're using works for your Business. Iconosquare offers Tons of Useful Analytics Tools which will allow you to track your progress. Here is our breakdown of all Iconosquare Features: 1. Analytics - Measure and Benchmark your Social Media Performance Analytics (For Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) Get a deeper understanding of your Instagram and Facebook performance and easily analyze your account's performance to provide highly relevant and valuable content to build your community and brand through the following metrics: Follower growth Reach and impressions Audience demographics Profile Activity (Not Available for Twitter) Easily organize and Categorise your media into Albums using Labels - a great way for analyzing the performance of content groups within a campaign. Promoted Post Analytics (For Instagram) Understand the impact of your paid marketing efforts. Once unlocked, see the paid vs organic split on a post by post basis across multiple metrics like: Engagement Reach Impressions Report exports will also show your performance split by paid and organic so you can share this with your team, manager, or clients. Custom Dashboard (For Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) The Custom Dashboard allows you to customize your view to better understand the performance for each one of your social profiles based on the KPIs most important to them. Create a unique dashboard for every social profile you manage and share it with your Team Members The Dashboard is quick to build using drag and drop tools Duplicate your dashboard to other social profiles. Export a PDF or XLS report of your dashboard. Schedule these to be sent regularly from within the Exports & Reports section. Stories Analytics (For Instagram) Get an in-depth analysis of your stories so you can track and improve performance for greater engagement. The Full History of your Stories from the time you verified your Instagram Business Page on Iconosquare. Impressions, reach, and completion rate. Tab backs and tab forwards. Understand the best time to post Stories. See Total Replies and Average Replies data. Content Optimization (For Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) Increase your engagement and build your community by understanding: Past posts that generated the most likes, most comments, and most engagement so you can optimize your future content. Scheduling your Content for The Best Time to Post and when your Followers are Online for the most engagement and maximum performance. Report (For Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) Provide clear Reports on your social media performance. Create and download easy to read PDF and XLS reports on your performance Schedule regular reports for your social profiles, Competitors & Hashtags you are tracking, and your Custom Dashboards. Advanced and Agency Plan users can create reports for a customized date range. Have your reports delivered directly to your inbox and the inboxes of anyone you add (Team Members, Managers, or Clients) 2. Scheduling - Publish & Manage your social media content Scheduler (For Instagram and Facebook) Save time and schedule your posts for Instagram and Facebook in advance. Automatically post single image and video posts, Facebook statuses and manually post Instagram Carousels and Stories. (Check out "6 Ways you Can Use Instagram & Linkedin Carousel Posts + Free Templates") Post to multiple profiles at once Schedule your first comment to be published underneath your post - perfect for including hashtags! Add Location and Account Tags to your single-image posts Use Filters in the Scheduler to understand: - Best times to posts for maximum engagement - When your followers are online - Social media events coming up Preview your Instagram and Facebook posts Content (For Instagram and Facebook) Media Library: Upload and store multiple images and videos in advance. Use filters to see which media you've already used, search by date, type of media, and source. Save Captions and hashtag lists in advance: Prepare and store captions in advance to insert into your posts when scheduling. Build Hashtag lists around specific topics or brands and insert them into your posts. 3. Listening - Follow & Engage in the conversation about your social media profiles Industry Benchmarks (For Instagram and Facebook) Easily compare your performance to that of your Industry across a range of metrics. Available for both Instagram and Facebook pages, you can see how you're performing on things like: Follower/Fan growth rate Engagement Posting habits Reach rates Instagram Stories and more. Benchmarks are based on data from Iconosquare users within the industry you selected for your Facebook or Instagram Business profiles. Monitor (For Instagram and Facebook) Competitors: Track your competitor's activity, performance, and benchmark it against your own. Hashtags (Instagram only): Understanding the performance of hashtags: what's being posted under a specific hashtag, how often, and the engagement rate generated by each hashtag. Schedule regular reports on the performance of any Competitors or Hashtags you are tracking from within the Exports & Reports section. Mentions Feed & Analytics (For Instagram) Easily monitor what is being said about your brand on Instagram See all posts where your social profiles are being mentioned in the comments/captions or tagged in the photo. Reply directly to mentions from within Iconosquare when you are mentioned in the caption or in the comments. Track your mentions history. Understand the split of your mentions by photo, comment, and caption tag across media types. 4. Manage - Boost your productivity Manage (For Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) Multiple Profiles: Add as many profiles as you want to your account and easily switch between them with a simple click. Analytics, Scheduling, and Reporting are available for all the profiles added to your account. Users & Roles: Add as many team members as you need and assign them roles, depending on what you'd like them to do within the platform. Conversation (For Instagram and Facebook) Quickly and easily engage with your community by monitoring comments on your social media. Translate, read and reply to comments. Mark all as read and export comments. Reply directly to mentions from within the "Mentions" tab when you are mentioned in the caption or in the comments. Random Comment Picker Tool: Randomly select contest winners. Filter by Unique Comments, number of winners, hashtags, and mentions used. Feeds (For Instagram and Facebook) Follow competitors by adding them to the "My Competitors feed" to easily monitor what they're posting. Use the "My Tags Feed" to easily see photos where you've been tagged or mentioned in the caption or comments. Track media posted by specific Facebook pages or using specific hashtags for Instagram media. Add up to 50 Facebook pages per feed! Advanced Search (Instagram Only) Easily search for hashtags to understand use rates and how they are performing. Refine your search with additional criteria such as: Number of likes and comments Media type Date posted Specific words or phrases used in the caption How to use Iconosquare Iconosquare is built for ease of use and with their up-to-date Youtube Channel, they got you covered will all Tips & Tricks, Questions, and Guides you can imagine. For All Guides and Tutorials, check out the Iconosquares Youtube channel here. Honest Review of Iconosquare: Iconosquare is Truly an Amazing Tool for Social Media Growth. They provide you with TONS of useful Metrics, Guides, and Resources to grow your Social Accounts and Monitor your progress to adjust your path along the way. Using a good Analytics Tool for your Social Media is crucial for business success, so why not get the best one on the market? AND, as an added bonus: Iconosquare is giving us the opportunity to share a Special Coupon Code for those who are planning on trying their Premium Features! Use the Code: icopromo5 for 5% OFF Check out Iconosquare 🚀 Let us know if you found this Article Helpful in the Comments below 👇 and stay tuned for more Branding Expert!

  • How We Managed To Go From 0 to 138k Impressions on Pinterest in Just 1 Month!

    With This Article, we are Starting our Pinterest Growth Journey through which we will be Sharing our Progress and Things we learned after each month, so make sure to Subscribe to our Blog to Never Miss out on our Future Articles ❤️ The First Month has Been a Really Rough one. Maybe even rougher than what most people go through on Pinterest... We Even Got Banned by Pinterest... But let's not get too Ahead of ourselves, and Start From The Very Beginning. Jump to a Section: - Last Month's Report - What Helped us To Start Getting more Impressions and Clicks Catchy Design High-Quality Content SEO Consistency - How We Got Banned on Pinterest (Mistakes to Avoid 😳) Last Month Report We Started taking Pinterest Seriously on Tuesday, April 13th 2021, which almost Immediately started reflecting in small scales in our Analytic Reports: After that day, we started researching and improving our Strategy which led to a more consistent flow of traffic to our Pins, Account, and Website. Always tweaking and testing other methods has definitely been highly beneficial to the Success of this Month. If we learned anything this month, it's that dedicating an hour or two every day to learning and testing different approaches is a big Must to grow your Pinterest traffic. What Helped us to Start Getting more Impressions and Clicks The First Moment when we Started Getting more and more Impressions and clicks is when We Started Posting 5 High-Quality Pins Per day. But what makes a Pin High-Quality? Catchy Design: The Design of Your Pin needs to Stand out from the ocean of Generically themed Pins. For Example: If you Search "Gardening" on Pinterest, you will see Pins That Mostly Look Like this: Almost ALL Pins are themed the same way. All of Them Have Green somewhere on the Pin. So, whenever you're about to Design your Next Pin, make sure to first see what kind of Pins Show up when you search for keywords that are most related to your Pin and use some kind of Color, Font, Picture, etc. that Stands out from the Ocean of "Green" Pins. Doing that will give you a huge advantage over other Generic Pins you see. Resource: Check out our Full 50+ Pins Package with Pins We used to go From 0 to 138k Impressions Click Here! 🚀 High-Quality Content: Making an Amazing Pin Will Allow you to drive traffic to your link, but to get even more impressions and allow your pins to keep growing, you need to make High-Quality Content that people will want to Share. This means you NEED to deliver on your Promises. TIP: Most Visitors tend to first Scroll through your whole page before reading any of the content, so make sure to Always have a Clear Message and make your promises easy to find. SEO: Just like Google, Pinterest is a Search Engine, and researching every single Pin, Adding relevant and Engaging keywords has really helped us get more Reach. The easiest way to find relevant keywords for your Pins is by using the Pinterest keyword tool. To use it, you need to go to "Create ad", fill out a few mandatory fields, and scroll down to the Keyword Research field. After typing in your Keyword, the Keyword Tool will give you the Best Suggestions on the keywords you should use in your Pins. TIP: Make sure to keep an eye on the "Potential Audience Size" pannel and focus on getting a broad audience for the most impressions and engagement. Alt Tag - Your Alt Tag Should Contain a clear Pin description and a few relevant keywords. Alt Tags are not the most important parts of your Pins Success, but they can definitely contribute in the long run. Consistency: Posting Consistently every day has really been the Number One reason we managed to reach so many people over the past month. And yes, there will be days when you won't manage to post as much as you would like to, but not giving up and being consistent is the real key to Business Success. How We Got Banned on Pinterest (Mistakes to Avoid 😳) Yes... We got Banned from Pinterest after 15 days of Posting. The Reason we got banned is "Spammy Behavior" (Unfortunately, In our case, Pinterest didn't explain or mention the exact reason why we got banned, but the one that made the most sense to us is Spam). Before we got banned, we used to repin each one of our 5 daily Pins to Most of our Personal Boards and Group Boards (Around 8 to 15 Repins) which meant we were Pinning around 50-80 Pins or even more each day... Unfortunately, we never researched the limitations of Pinning before getting banned which was a big mistake on our part. (If you're also concerned about this issue and want to make sure this doesn't happen to you, you can read this great article by Louise Cottrell that explains this topic more in detail - How often should you Pin on Pinterest?) After we got banned, we reached out to Pinterest and got our Account up and running after 2 days, which was a big relief. To Join us in our Pinterest Growing Journey, make sure to Subscribe and we will keep you up to date with our Progress and all the Tips and Tricks we learned along the way! If you found this article helpful, please share it with others and stay tuned for more! In the meantime, check out other great articles to Skyrocket your growth 👇

  • How To Get Your First 1000 Followers on Instagram - Dollar Eighty Review

    Dollar Eighty - Social Media Strategy Score: 4.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check out Dollar Eighty 🚀 If you've just Started Your Social Media growth Journey and wonder what steps you should Actually take in order to grow, you might be overwhelmed with all of the Strategies and Tips you will find online. Too many options offered to an inexperienced person lead to confusion and A LOT of time-wasting. But, no matter how much Social Media changes, how many new methods and tactics get invented, the good old way of being authentic, engaging with others, and spreading positivity will always be effective! Great! How do I Start?? Well, think of what you want others to do in order for your Social Media to grow. You might say "I need a lot more followers", or "I want a lot more people to see my posts and Engage with them", but I don't know how to do that... The Answer to that is: Be the first! There is no better way to grow an audience than to be the first one to take the step forward. Be the first to engage, be the first to comment, be the first to show love. So, to grow, you need to be the first one to engage, but what exactly should you do? A Completely Free method would be to search for a Hashtag that relates to the theme of your Social Account. For Example: If you're a Female photographer, you can go to #photography and swipe left to arrive at the "recent posts" section of your hashtag. Once you're there, you'll be exposed to millions of potential followers that mostly also never or rarely get comments on their posts. That would be your opportunity to engage and leave some positive feedback. Since most people don't get much feedback on their posts, they will be excited and would most likely go to your profile to return a favor. This form of engagement always feels rewarding to both sides since no one is taking advantage or trying to trick the other person (Unlike the "follow" method where people follow someone and then unfollow after a few days hoping they don't notice it and don't unfollow back...) Obviously, to comment on Social Media posts and Engage is completely free but, it can take a long time if you're doing it manually. This is where Dollar Eighty Comes into play. Jump to a section: - What is Dollar Eighty? - Dollar Eighty Features Targets Posts Explore History Groups Commenting - How to use Dollar Eighty - Honest Review of Dollar Eighty + Special Offer! What is Dollar Eighty? Dollar Eighty is an Instagram tool that helps you speed up your growth through strategic engagement and goals you can complete every day. It allows you to bookmark and save comments for faster engagement and track your progress. Watch this short 30 seconds intro about Dollar Eighty: Dollar Eighty Features Engaging with a multitude of people across 90+ posts every day can be a real grind, and that's the core reason Dollar Eighty was made. It allows you to do everything you would normally be able to do at scale (100x more efficiently). Here is our breakdown of all Dollar Eighty Features: Targets There are three different types of targets available on Dollar Eighty: Hashtags, Locations, and Profiles. These allow you to filter your Posts page which provides you with the posts to like and comment on – to help you find content that suits your niche. To set them up, you need to click on the Targets tab and fill in the targets that you like. Hashtags: Never underestimate the power of a hashtag and the vast number of combinations of words that hashtags can be made from. As you begin to type these into your Targets, more suggestions should pop up. Feel free to make the most of these! Locations: Filter posts by Location to find content in the places that matter to you. This could be as large as a country, or as small as your favorite restaurant or event. Unlock these when you become a Premium Dollar Eighty user. TIP: The more specific you are with location, the more targeted your results will be. Profiles: These are a great way to target either specific IG accounts, or profile types that align with your niche. Using keywords such as ‘travel’ will add accounts that have ‘travel’ in their name. Make the most of how broad and narrow profile targets can be. As you get commenting and interacting, you will be able to work out which profiles are best suited to your niche. Collections: These are a great way to efficiently move your favorite targets around. You can add and delete different targets, and save them under different collections. It takes only a few clicks to switch between them and widen your engagement potential. TIP: To make the most of your Targets, we encourage you to change them around and test out different targets in order to find the perfect niche for you. Use the Dollar Eighty Checklist Calendar to keep on top of these and know when to change them around. The best way to do this is to have different Target Collections which organize your targets into categories and saves them, allowing you to change up your targets with ease. Posts The Posts page displays personalized content which aligns with your Targets. Here you can switch between Recent and Top posts, and filter through your Hashtags, Locations, and Profiles. When you change between different Target Collections, this will affect what you see under Posts, giving you more variation for what you can engage with. Explore The Explore page is a great place to go if you are looking to find new and different content to engage with. It is not limited to your Targets and therefore provides a much wider scope for different posts from different accounts. Spend some time scrolling through this page to spark inspiration, and help provide new ideas for when it comes time for you to post your own new content, or for when you need some guidance on the best hashtags. History The History page is helpful for many reasons. It tracks your commenting progress by showing which posts you have commented on in the past. Comments Completed Today: Shows your comments on posts. Comments Queued: Shows comments waiting in the queue to be posted. Old Comments: Displays the posts which you have commented on in the past in chronological order TIP: Look back at your history page for inspiration for your new content. Because you are engaging with people within your niche, their posts will be the ones that save within your history. Groups This awesome feature allows Dollar Eighty users to build communities, where users can create and join groups to be able to mix with like-minded people and accounts. Here you can find inspiration for new content, share targets and effortlessly engage with your own niche. We recommend joining groups or making your own if none exist that match what you are looking for. Invite your friends and other Dollar Eighty users with similar interests to join your groups in order to grow your niche. Commenting How and what you comment is the most important part of your engagement. Making sure that you avoid commenting like a bot, ensures that people will want to respond to your comments and engage with you. Write new and personalized comments on each post. Consider the caption: What is the person saying and how can you meaningfully respond? Genuine responses build genuine relationships. Consider the photo: Is there something you can relate to, and comment on? Be genuine: The algorithm doesn’t lie – interaction with other accounts by commenting and responding to comments is the best way to boost your engagement and doing so authentically. Commenting useful and educated content which shows you have genuinely considered the post and the person's profile helps build these connections. Dollar Eighty’s queue feature ensures that when you comment, they are spread out over time to ensure that your commenting doesn’t seem automated and bot-like – follow the progress in the History page, and make sure to keep the tabs open on that account until all of the comments in the queue have cleared. If your comments go grey, don’t panic. This is Dollar Eighty ensuring that you comment something different in order to protect your account. When it comes time to respond to comments on people’s posts – use IG to directly engage with those comments, be sure to like and reply to something meaningful to spark great engagement. How to Use Dollar Eighty In the Previous Section (Dollar Eighty Features) We Explained all of Dollar Eighty Features but for those who would like a more in-depth guide on Dollar Eighty, check out this amazing video by Sue B. Zimmerman: Honest Review of Dollar Eighty: Engaging with Your Instagram Audience can obviously be done without any tool on the market, but what Dollar Eighty offers is a 100x faster and more effective way to do so. If you decided to start your daily engagement grind without Dollar Eighty (Manually), you would on average be losing 85% of your time. Dollar Eighty's Features increase your efficiency and make it more fun to engage. Overall, we Highly Recommend Dollar Eighty for everyone who has under 15k followers. This Tool will help you get started and allow you to grow your brand on Instagram through genuine and efficient engagement. Also, for those who are excited to Start using Dollar Eighty, you can start your first 1 Month Premium Membership for FREE! Just make sure to use the code "2021GROWTH". Check out Dollar Eighty 🚀 If you found this article helpful, please share it with others and stay tuned for more! In the meantime, check out other great articles that will help Skyrocket your growth 👇

  • 168 Free Resources for Graphic Designers & Entrepreneurs - Updated Regularly

    Being a Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur myself, I always first spend hours and hours at a time trying to find Free Resources before I ever look into any paid services and paid tools. This is obviously a smart strategy for everyone who is starting a Business and doesn't have a steady income to support paying monthly subscriptions for Paid Resources. Here is our list of Free Resources That Helps us minimize expenses and grow our Business every month. This list is updated regularly so feel free to hop in from now and then for more Free Stuff NEWLY ADDED: - IFTTT - Connect your apps and devices in new and remarkable ways - IntuitMint - Best way to manage money for free - AlternativeTo - Service that helps you find better alternatives - PDF24Tools - Free and easy to use online PDF tools - PdfEscape - Online PDF editor - Design Mockups (27) Fonts (8) Font Tools (8) Colors (31) Learning (1) Icons (9) Illustrations (15) 3D Illustrations (20) Images (10) Editor (1) Other (7) - Social Media Hashtag Tools (5) Content Ideas (6) - Content Research & SEO Keyword Research (5) Writing (1) - Productivity Task Management (10) File & Storage Management (2) - Business Job (1) Money Management (1) Mockups: - CgiSpread - Free High-Quality Product Mockups and Templates - Graphicpear - Download Free & Premium PSD Mockups - Pixeden - Library of Free Graphics (Mockups included) - Freepik - Free Vectors, Stock Photos, and Mockups (PSD) - MockupDesign - Home Made Premium Quality Free Mockups - FreeMockUp - The Best Free Mockups - Mockupworld - The Best Free Mockups from the Web - FreeDesignResources - Freebies site (Mockups included) - GoodMockups - All Good All Free Mockups and Resources - Pixelbuddha - Exclusive Design Resources (Mockups Included) - PSDrepo - All Kinds of PSD Mockups, Icons, and UI Kits - AnthoniboydGraphics - Free Mockups & Textures - GraphicBurger - Free Mockups, UI Kits, Text Effects, Backgrounds & more. - CreativeBooster - Best Free Mockups for Photoshop & other editing software - UnBlast - Best Free Mockups to Download - FreeMockupZone - Library of Free Mockups like T-shirt, Book, Flyer, & More - MrMockup - PSD Freebies for Graphic Designers (Mockups Included) - ApeMockups - The Best Free Mockups and Resources for your Project - MockupCloud - Premium & Free Mockup Templates - SmartMockups - Create Stunning Product Mockups for Free - MockuuupsStudio - Your Search for a Perfect Mockup Ends Here. - MockupMark - Create T-Shirt And Hoodie Mockups for Free (no Sign-up) - PixelSurplus - Amazing Growing Freebies Library (Mockups Included) - PremiumPixels - Free Stuff for Creative Folk (Mockups Included) - MockupCeacle - Advanced Mockups For Scene Creation - FreebiesBug - Biggest Library of Freebies (Mockups Included) - Graphberry - Free Pixel Perfect Design Resources and Mockups Fonts: - DaFont - Completely Free Fonts (59,000+) - FontSpace - Free Downloads of Legally licensed Fonts (78,000+) - GoogleFonts - Free Fonts From Google - Font Squirrel - 100% Free Fonts - wFonts - Download Free Fonts - EnvatoElements - Gorgeous Free Fonts and Freebies - BeFonts - Free Fonts For Designers - Lingojam - Free Fonts For Instagram Font Tools: - Fontpair - Free Google Font pairs For Your Next Creative Projects - Fontself - The Easiest Way to Make Your Own Fonts - RightFont - Professional Font Manager app for Mac users - Fontba - Font Management. Perfected. - Wordmark - Font Browser Extention - Fontjoy - Generate Font Combinations With Deep Learning - WhatFontIs - Find Any Font From Any Image - Callingraphr - Transform Your Handwriting or Calligraphy into a Font Colors: - AdobeColor - Color Harmony / Color picker - Coolors - The Super Fast Color Schemes generator - MyColor - Perfect Color Palette Finder - ColorHunt - Color Palettes For Designers and Artists - Picular - Find The Color Of Anything - PigmentShapefactory - Find The Perfect Pigment - Canva-Colors - Canva Color Palettes - Maketintsandshades - Tint & Shade Generator - MuzliColors - Color Palette Generator - Khroma - AI Color Combination for You - Paletton - Palette Generator - COTW - Color Matching App for Designs - Color-Hex - Learn About Each Color And Its Properties - HappyHues - Curate Colors In Context - Colorable - Contrast Assistant - Palettte - Palette Generator - EvaDesignSystem - Deep Learning Color Generator - Hihayk - Color Manipulation - ColorLeap - Gather The Perfect Colors From a Certain Era - PALX - Automatic UI Color Palette Generator - Culrs - Choose Better. Culr Palettes - TallysGithub - Practical Color Theory for People Who Code - HTMLColorCodes - Get HTML Color Codes, Hex Color Codes & more - VanSchneider - Color Claim - YeunGithub - Open Color Is An Open-Source Color Scheme (UI Colors) - WebdesignRankings - Best Colors For Website Design - Palettable - Generate beautiful color palettes using the knowledge of Experts - ColorWise - The wise Choice of Colors - PaletteSite - Get The Essential Colors From a Website - Duotones - Pairings & Effect Generator - Huesnap - Create Beautiful Color Palettes to share and inspire others. Learning - Method - Play Games to Learn Design Icons: - Flaticon - Access Over 4Mil Vector Icons - Largest Database Of Free Icons - IconFinder - Search For Icons - 5Mil+ SVG or PNG icons - Icons8 - Icons, Illustrations, photos, music, and design tools - Freeicons - The Largest Database of Free Icons - IconScout - Over 2.2 Million+ Design Assets (Icons Included) - TheNounProject - Icons and Photos For Everything - IconStore - Free Icons by First-Class Designers - IconStock - 2 Million + Professional Icons Library - UI8 - Design Freebies 760+ (Icon Packs Included) Illustrations: - ManyPixels - 2000+ Royalty Free Illustrations To Power Up Your Designs - StorySet - Awesome Free Customizable Illustrations For Your Next Project - unDraw - Browse to Find the images that fit Your Needs and click to download - Delesign - Royalty-free Designs for Your Website, Social Media, Blog, etc. - LukaszAdam - Free SVG Illustration images in different shapes & Styles - Avataaars - Mix & Match Avatars with a Sketch Library - Bottts - Mix & Match Robots with a Sketch Library - Humaaans - Mix & Match Illustrations of people with a design library - DrawKit - Beautiful, Free Illustrations. Updated weekly - Stubborn Generator - Get the opportunity to design your own Characters - Freellustrations - Download Free Illustrations for landing pages - UsesMash - Awesome Illustration constructor with colorful & trendy characters - ControlRock - Combo Set of 108 Customizable Illustrations - Gbuilder - Start Creating Your Cool Illustrations - OpenDoodles - A Free Set of Open-Source Illustrations! 3D Illustrations: - Free3DIcon - Free 3D Icon Collections - StoryTale - 16 Free 3D Illustrations - IsometricClove - Cute Isometric Objects For Your Designs - Bypeople - 3D Illustrations and characters Pack - Amritpaldesign - Free 3D Rooms Project - Shapefest - A Massive Library of Free 3D Shapes for Designers - Artify - 3D Lettering Alphabet - Deeezy - Free 3D PNG Lettering - FreeIllustrations - Free Valentine 3D Pack - GraphicMama - Free 3D School Icons Bundle - Icons8 - Free 3D Homan Illustrations - MinimalMarket - Faticons Medicine - 21 Unique Free Medicine Icons - MinimalMarket - Faticons Devices - 8 Unique Device Icons - GumRoad - Free Illustration Kit - GumRoad - 3D Bubble Weather Pack Icons - GumRoad - Free Fast Food 3D Icons - GumRoad - 3D Shapes Renders for Figma - Dribbble - PSD Icons Free to Download - Dribbble - Freebie: uxmaker 3D Icons - Behance - 30+ 3D Pandemic Icon Pack - Free Download Images: - Unsplash - The Internet's Source of Freely-usable images - Pexels - The Best Free Stock Photos & Videos Shared By The Top Talent - Pixabay - Stunning Free Images & Royalty Free Stock - Rawpixel - Free Creative Resources (Free Images for Everyone) - StockSnap - Best Free High-Resolution Stock Pictures - FreePhotos - Gorgeous Free Stock Photos (Massive Library) - FreeNatureStock - Royalty-Free CC0 Nature Stock Photos and Videos - Shopify - Free to Download Collection of Stock Startup Images - Stockio - Free Photos, Vectors, Icons, Fonts, and Videos - LibreStock - Free Photos From the Stock Sites Editor: PdfEscape - Online PDF editor Other: - CompressJPEG - Compress JPEG Files With The Force of an Elephant - RemoveBg - Remove Image Backgrounds - 100% Automatically and Free - DeepImage - Upscale & Enhance Images - HotPot - Graphic design and image editing made Easier - TheInPaint - Remove Objects From Your Photos - VectorMagic - Convert JPG, PNG, GIF Files to PDF, SVG, EPS Vectors - PDF24Tools - Free and easy to use online PDF tools Hashtag Tools: - InGramer - Marketing ToolKit For Instagram (Instagram Hashtags - Bigbangram - Useful Tools For Quick and Effective Social Media Advancement - HashtagifyMe - Boost Your #Success Through Through Hashtag Marketing - Sistrix - Steer Your Website on the Course To Success - Hashatit - The Ultimate Social Media Search Engine (Hashtag Finder) Content Ideas: - AlsoAsked - See the questions People Also Asked - BuzzSumo - Find The Content that Performs Best - Frase - Accelerate Growth with Answers - HubSpot - There's a better way to grow. Marketing, Sales, & Services Software - TokBoard - Discover Trending Songs For Your TikTok Videos - AlternativeTo - Service that helps you find better alternatives Keyword Research: - AlsoAsked - See the questions People Also Asked - Ahrefs - Find Thousands of Keyword Ideas in Seconds - AnswerSocrates - You have answers. We have Questions. (Autocomplete) - MOZ - Free Domain SEO Metrics - GoogleTrends - Explore What the World is Searching Writing - PolishMyWriting - Write better and spend less time editing Task Management: - NtaskManager - Get More Done With nTask - TickTick - Stay Organized, Stay Creative - Habitica - Motivate yourself to Achieve Your Goals. - Evernote - Accomplish More With Better Notes - GoogleKeep - Save Your Thoughts, Wherever you are - Standard Notes - SNotes is a safe place for your notes, thoughts, and work - Otter - Otter is where Conversations Live - Notion - All-in-one Workspace (One Tool for your Whole Team) - Milanote - Get Organized. Stay Creative. - BubblUs - Mind Mapping Online File & Storage Management: - WeTransfer - Send big files around the world - IFTTT - Connect your apps and devices in new and remarkable ways Job - KickResume - Resume Examples for Real Professionals Money Management - IntuitMint - Best way to manage money for free If you found this article helpful, please share it with others and stay tuned for more! In the meantime, check out other great articles that will help Skyrocket your growth 👇

  • Best Way To Do Social Media Management? - Crowdfire Review

    Crowdfire - Social Media Management Score: 4.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check out Crowdfire 🚀 If you're building an online business and you want it to really take off, chances are, you're doing Social Media Marketing from multiple Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tiktok... Using all those platforms becomes tiring really quickly... I mean, even writing down all the passwords and usernames can waste so much time when you're using many different Social Media platforms. So, what's the best way to Manage All of your Social Media accounts? We looked into many different options like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. but the one Tool that stood out the most was Crowdfire. Jump to a section: - What is Crowdfire? - Crowdfire Features Content Curation Publishing Analytics Mentions - How to use Crowdfire - Honest Review of Crowdfire What is Crowdfire? Crowdfire is a Social Media Management tool that helps you run multiple accounts across the top 6 Social Media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok) There is no smart Business plan that doesn't consist of some kind of Social Media strategy, but posting every day takes a lot of effort and grind which Crowdfire replaces with smart automatic features for better productivity and efficiency. Crowdfire is custom-tailored to take care of all your Social Media tasks inside the main Crowdfire dashboard. This allows you to only focus on what really matters and only be logged into one platform that does it all. Crowdfire Features We started using Crowdfire for a few of its main features like scheduling and posting, but as time moved on we discovered tons of features we didn't use in the beginning and many that were added later on. Here is our breakdown of all Crowdfire Features: Content Curation Article Curation: Curate articles from across the web from thousands of sources. Spend time on your content strategy and leave the curation to Crowdfire. Customize RSS Feed: Add any RSS feed that you want to start curating articles right on your dashboard. Just type in the feed name, pick a feed and sit back. Image Curation: The only social media management tool that provides Image recommendations to curate sharable images for Instagram. (All the images are approved by the creators and can be shared automatically with proper credits.) Relevant Articles: Simply enter the topic you want to curate for and get relevant articles and images to post. No need to hop across the web in search of content. Curate from your blog, or e-commerce store: Connect your Shopify or Etsy account, WordPress or Medium blog, and even your Youtube channel to schedule product updates, new blog, or video announcements directly from Crowdfire. Save tons of hours with this simple feature. Publishing Publish Everywhere: Schedule and publish content to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, Linkedin, Pinterest, and TikTok from one place. Schedule in advance: Pick a date and time, and schedule content to be published later. Schedule for the whole week or month ahead and just sit back while Crowdfire does all the work. Tailored Posts with Preview: Each post will automatically be tailored for each social network. What's more - you can preview the post before publishing. Automatic + Custom Best Times to Post: Customize the best times to post every day or use Crowdfire's automatic best time to post recommendations for each of your accounts. Queue Meter: Ensure that you have enough content scheduled for the week with the queue meter, The queue meter indicates whether your timeline is going to look active or not for the next 7 days. Analytics Advanced Analytics: Deep-dive into analytics to understand your #ROI and refine your strategies. Take a closer look at what's happening on your Socials Customize your reports with data points of your choice Find detailed insights on each of your posts Download your reports in PDF and PPT format Competitor Analytics: Compare where you stand against your competitors and improve. Find their top posts Understand what's working for them Get an overview of their performance Analytics Overview: Quickly glance at the numbers every day to be sure that you're on track. Check the number of posts shared Keep track of your engagement Keep an eye on your followers and fans Mentions Never miss a single mention: Track every mention, comment, and reply in your team inbox. Monitor mentions for your Twitter account instantly. Reply instantly: Send replies to all the mentions with images, videos, and gifs. You can reply on the go, instantly using the mobile app. How to use Crowdfire Here is a video explaining how you can use Crowdfire to be more productive and grow your online presence. This video will give you a full walkthrough of Crowdfire: Honest Review of Crowdfire: Crowdfire is a great tool for social media management and taking care of multiple social accounts within one main platform that does it all. The ability to schedule posts, keep up to date with all notifications across platforms, and analyze all of your progress is a real-time saver. Productivity and efficiency are key in a Successful Business, which we truly found with Crowdfire. Overall, Crowdfire is definitely worth checking out and it also offers a Free Forever version that you can take advantage of. Check out Crowdfire 🚀 If you found this article helpful, please share it with others and stay tuned for more! In the meantime, check out other great articles that will help Skyrocket your growth 👇

  • 6 Ways you Can Use Instagram & Linkedin Carousel Posts + Free Templates

    Many studies show that Instagram & LinkedIn Carousel Posts are the most engaging post types in 2020, and continue to perform in 2021. What makes it so good? 1. It Beats The Algorithm: Instagram Algorithm (Alongside most other Social Media Algorithms) wants you to Stay on the platform as much as possible. There are a few methods Instagram's Algorithm tries to do this, but the main one we all know is "Giving relevant and long to consume content" to make sure you are engaged and as much as possible. Carousel Posts Excelerate at this task, as they take much longer to consume, and they can store much more valuable content for the users. This brings us to the 2nd point: 2. It Can store Tons of Valuable content: Instagram & LinkedIn Posts Are very limited when it comes to packing a lot of value within one post. Unless you want to clutter the image, you are mostly stuck to 2-5 sentences. With Carousel Posts, you get to play with up to 10 Slides which allows you to fully load your post with Tons of Valuable Content. This is also perfect for those who love to share ideas in a long-form style with their audience. 3. Instagram Recommends them more: Instagram Carousels have a chance of being shown to the user Two times comparing to regular posts which have only One. Instagram First shows the 1st slide and then shows the 2nd slide once the user encounters the post again. TIP: Make sure to Give no Information in Slide Two. This will allow you to have a 2nd Chance to bait the user to engage with your post instead of just scrolling through. (Check out how we do that on the example below) Example of a full Carousel Post (Portrait): 6 Ways you can use Instagram & Linkedin Carousel Posts: 1. Educational posts: Fitting all of your tips & tricks in a single photo usually isn't going to cut it, but with 10 slides you can add tons of value to your audience and share your amazing tips in a whole different way. 2. Product showcase/slideshow: Sharing your new collection of shirts was always impossible unless you want to fill up your whole feed with different products... But with carousel posts, you can show off your new collection within just 1 post. This also allows others to always know where to look since all of your items are inside 1 collection. 3. Showcase your Testimonials: Getting positive reviews for the hard work you do feels incredibly rewarding and makes us all proud. With Carousel posts, you can share up to 10 testimonial slides within one post which boosts your reputation and builds trust between you and your audience. 4. Album/Photo Collection: A common way of using carousel posts is to showcase a collection of your photos like the photos from a recent trip, wedding, anniversary, etc. 5. Progress Carousel's: No more half picture posts, using carousel posts for progress (before and after) photos makes it much cleaner and allows for a better reveal of your amazing progress✨ 6. Share Resources: With the ability to post multiple pictures inside one post, you can start sharing resources, freebies, tools, and more! FREE TEMPLATE: If you're using Adobe Illustrator for making posts, here is a Free empty Template to help you get started with making amazing Carousel posts. *Comes with Square & Portrait version* FREE TEMPLATE If you found this article helpful, please share it with others and stay tuned for more! In the meantime, check out other great articles that will help Skyrocket your growth 👇

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Start and Grow a Successful Business

    So you decided to start you're own business/side hustle to earn some money on the side and potentially grow it into something life-changing. Yes... so, How to start a business from scratch? How to grow a business? and How to actually make money with my business? Those are the questions we will cover in this guide, and if you passed some of the steps we cover in the guide, you can skip to a section here: Starting from scratch How to Make a good Product? How to Organize your Time towards success? How to make your Business your passion? But what if it's taking too long? Growing the Business What Social media should I focus on? Collect Feedback Improve the quality of your services How to get more traffic from social media? Monetizing and making Money How to do affiliate marketing? How to make money with ads? How to do sponsored posts? How to make money through subscriptions? How to use money properly? Starting from scratch If you are not yet sure of what your business should be, and what you should focus on, check out this article where we give tons of business ideas that can help you decide on what your path should be. But if you already have an idea of what you want to do, before you go any further, there are a few things you need in order to set yourself up to have a profitable business that actually makes you money: - A good, useful product/service that solves an issue others have, or makes it more fun and entertaining. - Love/Passion for the business or half-passion (which we'll explain later on in the article) - Some free time (2-5hrs a day would be ideal as a start) - Patience Without all of those factors combined, your chance of success is lower than 0.01%. Most businesses today fail, and that's the hard reality of the game, and if you don't have a good product, time, passion, and patience, you're chances of success become extremely slim, and you stand at a huge disadvantage versus your competition. So focusing on getting those factors in line before anything else is crucial for the success of your business. How to make a good product? To make a good product, you first need to have a goal in mind: "What problem is this product going to solve?". So, if you see that there's a problem which people wish to solve and you see a solution, that can be a great way to make a useful product that will help others and make you money. If you've ever watched the show called "Shark Tank" you'll know that investors fight over good, high-quality, innovative, and competitive companies that have the potential to take over and dominate the market. Most of those products came from simple solutions to the problems others are facing, and if people can relate to it, they will buy it. Tip: Follow and keep up-to-date with the latest trends and the product ideas will come to you. A great way to follow trends and stay up-to-date with things that are relevant is Exploding Topics. Check them out here 🚀 Another big part of making a successful and profitable business is time. Time is the most precious thing we all have. No one wants to be wasting their time on things that have no value to them or the people they love, so being productive and using the time you have effectively makes all the difference when starting and growing a business. How to organize your time towards success? Organizing is hard. How many times have you told yourself "Tomorrow I'm going to take 2 hours out of my day and be productive (Study, Fold those clothes you've been avoiding for days, go to the gym, etc.)"? You do it for a day, maybe 2 days, a week, and then you feel yourself slowly dropping back to where you were before. The truth of the matter is that we all have those moments. Organizing your life is hard work, but sticking to your plans and goals is what separates winners from losers. A great way to organize your daily routine and workflow is through a planner. A planner can help you focus on things that actually matter and allow you to get your business to the next level. For that purpose we suggest checking out Any.do Once you managed to organize your time, try to make 2-5hrs for your business every day. Sticking to the schedule will allow you to never burn out your energy and stay consistent. Another way to stay consistent is to do what you love. We can all agree that pursuing your passion and doing what you love is the best thing in life, but what if you don't have a clear passion that drives your forward? How to make your business your passion? Most people are not living the perfect life, where they love everything they do and pursue their passion and dreams, but a lot of them find "half-passion" in their jobs and things they do. How? Half-passion is a term we like to use to describe working on things you don't love to accomplish things you love. In other words, if your passion is for example traveling the world, you need to do a lot of things you might not like before you can make your passion a reality, like getting a job you don't like or enjoy, saving money instead of spending it, etc. None of those things are what you love, but they will become your half-passion because they lead to your real passion which in this case is Traveling the world. So, not everything you do has to be your passion, but the essence of getting to your passion through those things will be the fire that keeps you going. But what if it's taking too long? 99.9% of the time the success stories you hear online are lucky people who managed to catch a break. Catching a break is what we all want, and a big problem with it is that almost all of those people who managed to catch a break only credit their hard work, passion, dedication, etc. but never mention how lucky they are to catch a break. That makes others feel like they are not doing enough and that their efforts are not as valuable when in reality, we all need tons of luck in order to be successful. That might sound discouraging because luck is not something we can control and manipulate, but acknowledging that luck plays a big role in success can help you be more patient. Luck is crucial for success, but it's nothing without hard work and patience Working hard (smart) should always be your goal, but don't think you're not doing enough just because you're not successful right this moment. Be patient. #1 Reason for impatience is trying to prove something to others Do it for yourself! Don't focus on what others think, what your friends or parents think. If you take your time, focus on what makes you happy, others will feel your energy and you will be 100x more likely to succeed in everything you do. Growing the Business In order for a business to grow it needs to be making money. But, when you're at the start of your business journey, your business is obviously not making any money, so what should you do? The sources of your income are your customers, and in order to get customers, you need to focus on getting their attention. Now, since your business is not yet making any money that you can invest into paid advertising, you either need to invest your own money or focus on social media marketing. Social Media marketing is free but can take a long time before making any real difference, but in the long run, it can be a huge benefit to your business. What social media should I focus on? When deciding on which social media to go with, always keep in mind a few things first: - 1. Can I make the content that the users on the platform want? - 2. Are my ideal customers using this platform? - 3. Can users on this platform convert to paying customers? - 4. Is the goal of the platform aligned with the goal of my business? Many businesses (Branding Expert included) focus on many social media platforms at the same time in order to get the most out of social media traffic, but focusing on too many social media can easily stretch you out too thin and waste your time because when you try being everything to everybody, you usually end up being no one to nobody. Mastering a hand full of social media platforms or even just 1 platform can be a much better option especially at the start of your journey. HUGE TIP: Always do what's trending! That tip might be obvious to those who know how to grow their social media, but a lot of people take too long to notice that what's new always gets the most attention, and those who capitalize on that always make the most profit. A great place to start posting your content is Instagram. Instagram is HUGE platform that awards high-quality attractive pictures, so if you plan on using Instagram, make sure to focus on your design and photography skills in order to stand out and be successful. Tip: To grow your Instagram following make sure to check out Dollar Eighty 🚀 Dollar Eighty is a Growth strategy tool that became popular through a well-known Entrepreneur Gary Vee. Basically, it allows you to engage on posts, gain followers, and get traffic to your profile. We highly recommend it for people who have under 20k followers. Collect Feedback Collecting feedback from your customers is a free way to make great progress but in the beginning, you most likely don't have any customers, so the best way to get feedback for your work can be: - Asking a relative or a friend for their thought and opinions - Role-playing/putting yourself in your potential customer's shoes - Asking your social media followers - Research (a lot of it!) All of that feedback can help you a ton when you still don't have any real customers, so don't be shy, ask around! We all look differently at things so any kind of feedback is crucial in order to improve from different perspectives. Also, DON'T be discouraged by "negative" feedback! Positive feedback is awesome, and it makes you feel appreciated for the hard work you put into your business and it looks great on your testimonials page, but if you really want to push your business to the next level, you NEED criticism. Many people ignore "negative" feedback thinking that people who write it are "haters, they have no idea what they're talking about, etc." And yes, there are definitely people who want to discourage you, but developing "thick skin" for those things can help you tremendously in the long-run. So don't ignore negative feedback, rather filter out mean & unconstructive feedback, and pay close attention to constructive and honest criticism. Improve the quality of your services Customers are the most important factor of a successful business, and to acquire them, you need to focus on over-delivering. What do we mean by that? Over-delivering is giving more to someone than you expect in return, which leads to that person feeling satisfied, appreciated, loved, etc. So, to increase the quality of your services, you need to give more. That doesn't mean you shouldn't stand up for yourself and your colleagues, and think about the ROI of your business, but rather think of those customers as long-term clients, someone who will come back, again and again, to purchase your products and use your services. If your customers see your passion and dedication to making your services better for them, they will keep using your services and spread the word to others. Another great way to improve the quality of your service is to read user feedback from your competitors. Often, you'll find that your competitors don't focus on what their users say, which gives you the opportunity to fill those gaps and acquire those users that are looking for those services/products. How to get more traffic from social media? Social Media is free, and with great content, timing, and luck, you can grow your audience very effectively, but we all know that growing your social media for 99% of people takes a loooong time... So, to combat waiting months and years for your social to grow you can use paid advertising. Most know the power of paid advertising, but for those who don't, paid advertising is a way of reaching more people by paying for your desired outcome like clicks, views, follows, etc. Paying for growth is a great tool, but it's definitely one of those things that take skill, patience, and a lot of testing. The best place for advertising thus far is Facebook & Instagram. If you're planning on advertising on Facebook or Instagram, check out this tutorial that will give you everything you need in order to get started with Paid Advertising: Another amazing way to get more traffic on social media (especially on Instagram) is through hashtags. To reach a wider audience using hashtags, check out this article where we show you exactly how you can grow your Instagram account step-by-step: "How you can grow your Instagram with hashtags? - Flick Review" Monetizing and making Money There are plenty of ways to make money and it all comes down to the type of business you have. The most effective way of selling your products is through your website. If you don't already have a website, you should check out Webflow. Webflow is an amazing platform for creating Modern Websites that convert visitors into paying customers. Click here 🚀 to check out some examples of websites built using Webflow Once you have a website set up, you will have tons of money-making opportunities like: - Affiliate Marketing - Ads - Sponsored posts - Direct Sales - Subscriptions and more How to do Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is one of the most effective ways of making money online. Many sites make most of their income only through Affiliate Marketing. dollarsprout.com is a great example of this. So what is affiliate marketing and how does it work? Affiliate marketing is done by referring to a product/service and getting a % commission for every transaction. Affiliates will give you a custom link that is used to send your users to their site and track their activities through cookies. (More on cookie tracking here) Once that visitor decides to purchase something on their site, you will get a commission. If they sign up for a monthly (recurring) payment method then you most likely will also get a commission for every recurring payment from that customer. Here are some of the best affiliate programs to join: - Amazon associates: Earn money by recommending products from Amazon.com - Partnerstack: #1 rated partner Management Software - Awin: Global Affiliate Marketing Network with 211,000+ active publishers - ClickBank: Leading Global Retailer and Affiliate Marketplace - Affiliaxe: Intelligently monetize your traffic, from any device, anywhere How to make money from ads? Whatever your product may be, it can always be monetized with ads. A great place to start making money with ads is Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the biggest platform for ad distribution, and it's a great place to start earning your first monthly check before switching to other Ad Providers. To sign up for Google Adsense, simply go to "Sign in", fill out your info alongside your website domain. After signing up for Adsense, you'll have to wait a few days for your website to be approved. A professional website that looks good, has original content, and follows all Google Adsense guidelines is required. (Google Adsense Guidelines for Site approval) This is where an amazing Website builder like Webflow comes into play. Webflow gives you hundreds of winning templates that you can use to make your website look professional. Check out some of Webflow's amazing templates that are guaranteed to get you approved by Google Adsense! Webflow templates 🚀 If your website already has a lot of traffic, you might want to look into some other ad providers like mediavine.com. Mediavine is a more profitable solution for Advertising and it can easily double or even triple your income when compared to Google Adsense. But, to sign up for Mediavine, you already need to have: 50,000 sessions in the previous 30 days (per Google Analytics) Good standing with Google AdSense. Original content in ANY niche as a lifestyle publisher. Long-form, engaging content. Once you get to the point of having 50,000 sessions per month, you'll already be making a lot of money with Google Adsense, but switching to Mediavine could be your next big step to increase your monthly income. How to do Sponsored posts? A sponsored post is when a company or an individual pays for you to talk about their product or service on your platform. On Instagram for example, on average you'll make around 10$ for every 1000 followers that see your post. Now again, this is one of those things that makes more sense when you have a bigger platform with thousands of followers, and at that stage, you can even negotiate with brands to give you more money per post. But once you have a decent following, you can reach out to brands for collaboration by sending them a well-composed email that explains what you are all about, what is the mission of your brand, how you can help them, and how it will be an amazing opportunity for both of you to work together and benefit from each other. Not every brand will respond or say yes to your offer, but you need to be patient and consistent. If the brand says yes then make sure to deliver on the promise. Your goal shouldn't be just to get paid but to over-deliver and make them want to work with you again and again. How to make money through subscriptions? To make money through subscriptions (recurring payments) you want to first be able to deliver value over and over again. You don't want to offer something that people can sign up for, take, and then cancel their subscription. One of the most common ways to offer subscription plans is through your website. Websites built using Webflow get to use amazing free add-on's (plug-ins) like Foxy.io. Once you got that taken care of, you'll need to set a compelling price. Best way to set a good price is to study price points from other brands in your niche that offer similar services. A good strategy could be to offer cheaper services with more value. But you'll never know what really works best until you tried several different approaches, so keep testing 🧐. How to use money properly? Spending profits on things that won't contribute to business growth is a road to failure and is one of the biggest reasons why businesses fail. Reinvest. Setting a simple 80/20 rule that says: 80% of the profits go towards reinvesting in your business (Advertising, staff, expanses, new opportunities, equipment, etc.) and the 20% that's left goes to you. Being smart about money is not easy. Many of us get the urge to buy a car, a better house, expensive clothes, travel, etc., and saying no to those things can be very tough, but it will always pay off in the long run. 2 main ways of making money: Lowering the cost of operation Increasing sales Both of those methods are quite self-explanatory, but we had to mention them since they are the fundamentals of making more money from a business. If you found this article helpful, share it with others and stay tuned for more! In the meantime, check out other great articles that will help Skyrocket your growth 👇

  • How you can grow your Instagram with hashtags? - Flick Review

    Flick - Instagram Hashtag Tool Score: 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check out Flick 🚀 Instagram hashtags are immensely important for reaching a wide range of audiences on social media, and with hashtags like #logo, #graphicdesign, #branding, etc (hashtag's we mostly use) being a great way to reach people with similar interests who aren't your followers, yet. So, choosing between hashtags is highly important in order to grow. The quickest and cheapest way to get decent hashtags for your post (Not recommended as a long-term strategy) is to copy hashtags from other highly engaged users in your niche, and use the same hashtags in your posts. But, that method will only get you so far, due to the rapid changes on all social media platforms. Besides, you always want to be changing and testing different approaches to making sure you're doing it the right way and taking full advantage of hashtags. So, to solve this issue and take full advantage of hashtags we researched the best ways to get engaging hashtags and came across Flick. Jump to a section: - What is Flick? - Flick's features Hashtag Assistant Hashtag Collections Hashtag Metrics Hashtag Search Instagram Performance Reports - How to use Flick - Honest Review of Flick What is Flick? Flick is a hashtag generator that helps you find, manage, and analyze Instagram hashtags and maximize your reach potential. The ability to find the best hashtags in your niche allows you to reach more of your ideal target audience and be where they search. With Flick, you can uncover which hashtags perform the best, see where your post ranks on the hashtag feed, and receive detailed insights into your hashtag performance. Flick's Features Flick always keeps updating and coming up with more and more great features for their users, and at the end of this segment, we'll be sharing their new upcoming feature, so make sure to stick till the end for that. Hashtag Assistant Access your hashtag collection on the go and keep up to date with key growth metrics. How to use: Requires linked Instagram account, visit the app store, log in, and your collections will sync automatically. Sub-features: Follower growth analytics (see your change in followers daily, how many have been gained and lost) Copy hashtags in a single tap Copy hashtags from different collections Hashtag Collections Centralized location for all your hashtags - Build a library of options for your posts, test different variations, and re-use top-performing groups. How to use: Find hashtags using search and add them to a collection, or import existing hashtag lists. Hashtags will automatically sync with the 'Hashtag Assistant' app which is free with your Flick subscription. Personalize your collections with emoji's and names See how key hashtag data changes over time Hashtag Metrics Reliable and actionable data behind every hashtag Average Likes / Comments: The average number of likes/comments received on content that has ranked in the ‘top posts’ section of a hashtag. Competition Score: The estimated level of difficulty to rank in the 'top posts' feed of the hashtag. This score compares the hashtag’s difficulty to all other hashtags in our database, as well as the success Flick users have had using hashtags with similar features. Potential Reach: The estimated audience size you’re likely to reach if you were to rank highly on the hashtag. This score compares the hashtag’s potential audience size to all other hashtags in our database, as well as the experience Flick users have had using hashtags with similar features. DAPC (Daily Average Post Count): The average number of posts made into a hashtag on a daily basis. Posts Made: The total number of posts made in a hashtag. Times ranked: The number of times your posts were seen in the ‘top posts’ section of a hashtag. Avg. Best Rank: The average position your posts are seen in the ‘top posts’ section of a hashtag, based on the data we have. Efficiency Score (BETA): The overall value of this hashtag, relative to the hashtags you’ve used – takes into consideration the hashtag’s size, where you rank on it, and the frequency that you rank on it. This score becomes more accurate the more you use a hashtag. Hashtag Search Quickly find high-quality hashtags for your Instagram posts. How to use: Enter a keyword or hashtag and Flick will provide you 40 suggestions that are either: Related: Hashtags that are frequently used together in content that is 'ranking' (proven to have worked for people before) based on your search. Similar: Gives you hashtags that are textually similar to your search. Flick will notify you if a hashtag is banned or flagged. Sub-features: Advanced search filters (filter hashtags based on your strategy) Suggested filters (automatically creates filters based on your linked IG account) Expand hashtags (click to search a hashtag in the graph or table) Copy hashtags to the clipboard, or add them to a hashtag collection for later Hashtag Metrics Instagram Performance Reports Key insights sent straight to your inbox every week. How to use: Link your Instagram account, visit app.flick.tech/reports, and sign up. You will receive Instagram reports every Monday (also available within the app). Sub-features: Sharable link Report covers: Reach, Impressions, change in followers, profile views, website clicks & daily breakdowns. Upcoming Feature: Hashtag Tracking (Not released, in alpha testing) See what hashtags you're ranked on, for each post you've made. If you'd like to test this feature, please contact loic@flick.tect How to use Flick Here is a video explaining how you can use Flick to grow your Instagram account with hashtags. It will give you a full walkthrough of all Flick's features and tools. Honest Review of Flick: Flick is a great tool for finding and ranking on high-quality hashtags, and if your target audience is on Instagram, then you should definitely give Flick a go. The power of hashtags is often underestimated and not many people take full advantage of this amazing feature that can boost your engagement on Instagram dramatically. Also, Flick offers a Free trial, so there is no need for commitment or even paying a penny. Check out Flick 🚀 If you found this article helpful, share it with others and stay tuned for more ❤️

  • Our Favorite Design Tools/Resources Anyone Can Use

    As a Graphic Designer, finding the best tools can be a real hassle, and often take a lot of digging around, when you could instead be doing the actual work and growing your business. Knowing that, we are going to share the top tools we use to speed up our work, be more productive, and level up our designs. Jump to what you need: - Mockups - Fonts - Colors - Stock images - Icons 1. Mockups Our favorite all-around place for amazing mockups is free-mockup.com Free-mockup offers a large variety of mockups, from T-shirts, Mugs, iPhones, to Packaging, etc. That large variety of mockups is one of the main reasons why we enjoy Free-mockup and its services. All of their mockup files come in the PSD file format. Other amazing Mockup sites we use: - mockups-design.com - mockupworld.co - goodmockups.com - psdrepo.com/tag/free-psd-mockups - cssauthor.com/mockups - creativebooster.net/collections/free-mockups - unblast.com - mrmockup.com/freebies - cgispread.com/category/mockup 2. Fonts Our favorite all-around place for amazing fonts is dafont.com dafont.com offers a huge variety of different styles and options, you can find 100% free fonts, and most of their fonts come in font packs (family font) which means you won't need to manually search for different font types (thin, regular, bold, etc.) for the same font. Everything is in one place and ready for you. dafont.com has been a life-saver over the years due to their amazing services and polished products. Next to dafont.com, we also use these amazing font sites: - fontspace.com - fonts.google.com - fontsquirrel.com - wfonts.com 3. Colors Our favorite place for amazing colors and color palettes is coolors.co Coolors.co offers amazing colors, gradients, color palettes, contract checker, color picker, and the option to extract a palette from a picture. It's been featured as the #1 Product of the Month by Product hunt and continues to grow every day. All you need to do is press the space bar and their generation tool will automatically generate random color palettes for you, which can help you with inspiration and picking the perfect colors for your Instagram feed, website, logo, and more. They also offer tools that you can install on your computer, iOS app, Adobe Extention, and Chrome Extention. Great coolors.co alternatives: - mycolor.space - color.adobe.com/explore - colorhunt.co - canva.com/colors/color-palettes - pigment.shapefactory.co - picular.co - maketintsandshades.com 4. Stock Images We recommend using unsplash.com Unsplash.com is a free site for top-quality stock images from thousands of different photographers, categories, etc. We use unsplash.com in almost all of our articles due to such great quality and variety of photos. Some of the amazing photos you can find on unsplash.com (all commercially free): But, as always, one source can't always cover our needs, so here are some great alternatives: - pexels.com - burst.shopify.com - pixabay.com - barnimages.com - lifeofpix.com - stocksnap.io - rawpixel.com 5. Icons Our favorite icon source is Flaticon.com Flaticon.com is one of the largest icon databases in the world. All of their icons come in PNG & SVG formats. They have over 4 million amazing icons, a super-advanced sorting system, top-quality icon styles, great icon packs, and more! They also offer to pay creators for making icons on their site. So, if you're a creative who loves making great icons, you can get paid when others download your icons. Flaticon.com alternatives: - iconfinder.com - icons8.com - freeicons.io - iconscout.com - thenounproject.com If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends ❤️ and stay tuned for more!

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