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5 Tips to Design the Perfect Flyer for your Food Business


Written by

Kristian F.


Published on

Aug 13, 2022

Food businesses like restaurants, bakeries, meal delivery, etc. still rely on flyer-based marketing to spread the word and grow their customer base. But, many overlook the importance of good attention-grabbing flyer design, and for the same reason waste their money on bad marketing campaigns that never bring adequate results...

In this article, we're going to share the 5 crucial tips to make the perfect flyer design for any type of food business to get the most value out of your marketing budget.

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- Simplify the message

- Focus the attention

- Master the Contrast

- Use special offers and promotions

- Print in High Quality

- Best Food Flyer Design Inspiration

- Conclusion

Simplify the message

While trying to create a flyer that actually stands out, less is more. You need to keep in mind that you only have a couple of seconds to capture the attention of your potential customers, and only one or two seconds to hook them in with your product.

For the same reason, we need to have a straight-to-the-point message about the product, what it contains, etc.

So, don't clutter your flyer with too many details, images, and text. The goal should be to create a short yet effective message that contains the following:

- Catchy Headline

Write a catchy or provocative headline while using a few carefully chosen words. Some of those words could be "Secret Recipe", "Delicious", "Fresh", "Best", "Tasty", etc.

- Call to Action

Use engaging and active verbs to make your product offering more exciting and catchy. Also, make sure to avoit using passive verbs.

- Structure with bullet points

You can use bullet points to make the text easy-to-read and highlight ingredients, menu items, and other relevant information that might be useful to your potential clients, instead of using long boring paragraphs.

Focus the attention

flyer focusing attention infographic image in bring colorful style design image

What is the first thing I want people to notice? That should be the main question you ask yourself when designing attention grabbing flyers.

To create a unique focal point that attracts attention, try to use the following:

- High-quality Imagery

The quality of the images on your flyer design is very important. If the images are unclear, low quality, dull, uninteresting, then your message won't resinate with people and serve its purpose.

Make sure that you're always using high-quality crystal-clear and colorful images that grab attention, set the right mood, and fit the narrative you're trying to create.

Using an image as our focal point will effectively pull viewers in to look at your flyer more closely.

- Amazing Color palette

Use colors that are consistent with your brand as well as colors that have an eye-catching effect. If you use a large image, find a subtle but active color in the image.

Use that color scheme for your flyer and stay consistent. Avoid using too many colors, as it will make your flyer more distracting than eye-catching.

- Text Size, Font, and Style

Your choice of lettering is critical to developing your flyer's focal point. A great image and dazzling colors will look better if you use the right font style and size.

Whatever your choice is, just make sure that the text is legible, clean and reflective of your brand. Getting too creative when it comes to fonts may not be a good idea.

Your priority should be that people can actually read what your flyer says. For a more cohesive look, don't use more than two fonts throughout your flyer.

Master the Contrast

High contrast visuals are easy to see at a glance and can be attention-grabbing.

Unlike a website, where users opt to view it by clicking a link or typing in an address, a flyer needs have a strong pull to get users to gravitate toward it.

Think of flyers or posters or brochures that you have seen from a distance and walked toward because they were interesting.

That’s the kind of contrast you need to make to help bring people to the design without prior intent.

Use special offers and promotions

using special offers and promotions buy one get one 2$ meal deal in orange style infographic image

People love special offers and good deals. In fact, a survey found that almost 90% of consumers said that they are influenced by promotions in terms of the amount they spend and the items they purchase.

So, attaching a coupon or promotional offer to your flyer will certainly make it more interesting to customers.

Offer people discounts or coupon savings they'll find hard to resist or get anywhere else.

You can create amazing flyers with coupons for your business by customizing flyer templates available online.

Print in High Quality

Another vital element to creating attention-grabbing flyers is the final print.

A quality print finish can be just as important as everything else you put on your flyer.

Using a glossy finish and quality paper for your flyer can help create a great first impression and can reflect the same quality of your products or services.

To make this step easy, Lucidpress can deliver high-quality prints of any design you create in our software.

If you're printing at home, run a test print to make sure all the elements on your flyer look correct.