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What Can a Design Agency Do For Your Business?


Written by

Kristian F.


Published on

Aug 2, 2022

Design is a highly valuable tool in every business that helps you attract and impress potential clients. The power of design is huge and those who understand its importance will eventually start exploring ways to implement and use its power to scale their business.

But, not everyone has the "eye for design" to start creating high quality visuals, which is why they seek assistance from a Design Agency.

Is doing so a good idea or should you just do it yourself? Let's find out...

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- What is a Design Agency?

- Strategy

- Brand Consistency

- Brand Auditing

- Storytelling

- Should you look into hiring a Design Agency?

- Conclusion

What is a Design Agency?

A Design Agency (Digital design agency) is a group of professional designers that offers design services, all the way from small design projects for individuals up to large long-term projects for companies.

Ice berg infographic illustration with strategy brand consistency brand audit story telling brand identity illustration advertising web design content marketing video editing

The services each agency provides vary, but in general, most agencies offer:

- Brand Identity Design (logo, stationery, Brand Style guide, etc.)

- Advertising Material Design (Flyer, Brochure, Internet Ads, etc.)

- Illustration (Flat Illustration, 3D, Character, Isometric, etc.)

- Web Design (Full Website, Landing Page, Banner, etc.)

- Content Marketing (Blog Writing, Social Media Posts, etc.)

- Video Editing (Intro/Outro, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, etc.)

Besides the main services, some agencies also offer more "in-depth" branding services like:


Having a business plan/business strategy is essential to the success of any modern business, but also having a design and branding strategy will dramatically increase your chances of marketing success.

Humans are visual creatures, and we mostly judge things on their visual appeal before their actual quality, so to have a chance at showing the quality of your services, you need to have a high quality branding strategy.

Brand Consistency

Keeping things consistent is one of the main factors in any brand strategy. If you want your business to be recognized and remembered, you need to have brand consistency.

Working with a design agency will help you stay focused on providing quality services while the agency keeps your visual game consistent, optimized, and relevant.

Brand Auditing

Are you truly doing the best you can to grow your brand? Is the brand image you created going to bring the best results for your business? Are the colors, graphics, and other visuals complimentary to your style and services? All of these questions can be answered by a design agency.


Most People don’t choose a brand because their logo has their favourite colour especially if picking between different brands is quite a big decision.

When people are shopping around to make a large purchase and several companies are offering what they want to buy, they’ll go with the brand that seems most human and trustworthy.